July 12, 2017

Wifi wherever you go - My 1st trip to Le Mans


My first trip to Le Mans was a very HOT one, a very exciting one, but one totally without wifi. I KNOW I KNOW... how to survive 5 days without wifi at a race track? Well I found a little device I think you all will want to know about.

My boyfriend was racing at Le Mans, in the prestigious 24 hour race, something that was very exciting for us all and I wanted to be there for his first ever Le Mans race. But the prospect of 5 days without an ounce of wifi, where a lot of the time you will find yourself waiting around or alone,was one I didnt feel was ideal. Especially when I work from pretty much my phone, laptop and camera. Wifi is pretty essential. So after looking online for solutions I found Tep Wireless.  

Tep Wireless is a portable wifi box, that you can take anywhere and it comes in this little durable case so at a race track I didnt feel worried about carrying that around with me (its also super light). It has 8 hours of battery life and can be charged up like a phone or any other device and then is ready and raring to go with more wifi. It runs off the local network in that area and uses 3G or you pay a couple of pounds a day extra to get 4G - which is what I did. One of the great things is that if like me you have a phone, laptop, iPad and a camera that you want to send photos via wifi to your phone, you can connect up to 5 devices to this nifty little gadget. So if you're travelling with a group or family and you all need wifi you don't have to spend the extra to get more devices. 

Find Tep HERE

When qualifying came around Alex (my boyfriend) did an absolutely phenomenal job, qualifying first and in an incredible manner. A speed and performance only dreams are made of. I was so proud and able to capture everything from the moment to share with friends, family and on social media. Which would not have been possible without my Tep device. For that I am so grateful!

So here's my step my step guide of how I got my tep device

1. Go online to the website

2. Find the package that works for you - I knew I just needed mine for France, so I picked France. But if there is an insanely long list of locations you can choose from. Or if you're doing a trip to a couple of European countries you can get the European package, or lets say to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand - theres the Oceania package. 

3. Figure out how many days you'll need it for - I needed 5

4. Decide if you want 3G or will go for 4G - I chose 4G as I wanted to stream youtube videos and upload to my blog and youtube as well. 

5. Work out the price - mine came to £47.70 

6. Order your TEP machine - Click here to go to the website where you can order

7. Your device will arrive 2 or 3 days before travel - you can either pick it up at an airport (Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and more) or a train station, or as I did - get it sent to your home. 

8.  You will receive emails to update you about your device, when it will arrive to you'll definitely get t before you leave. 

9. Your device arrives and Off you go!

So with my device in hand, I felt happy to have time by myself in our little room we stayed in. Usually no wifi is Ok, but when theres little going on between races and practise it was so nice to head back to our room and pop on my laptop, keep up to date with my emails and post my latest youtube video. I was so impressed with the speed for streaming videos. 

Did I find any negatives? I don't like to give a review without sharing my full and honest opinion. So I thought it is only fair to say what negatives I found. 
So as I was at a race track - the beginning few days the wifi was fantastic and fast and everything I could have wished for. This was because the track was not that full - the drivers and family and I guess ultra keen people setting up tents. But the two days of the race, when the track was packed - my wifi was pretty non existent. However, I cannot fault the device too much, because this would happen on any mobile device at a busy concert, event, race etc. The network gets over loaded. So its worth bearing in mind it runs on mobile network so its not immune to issues that can occur with a phone. 

I have to say that the battery life was insane, they say 8 hours - but the pack never ran out of charge for me on any of the days. I charged it every night and that was it set for the whole day. 

Sometimes it took a while for the device to get started in the mornings but what I looved about using tep wireless was that there's 24 hour support and you can do that via their website, text, whatsapp, email etc. So any way you want, you can get in contact and they help you out. 

So overall I was really happy I'd invested in this TEP machine and I'd do it again in a location with no wifi. It feels so much safer, more connected and allows you to keep up with work, friends or news wherever you are in the world. 


If you think you'd like to try a TEP device or see if your travel destination is on the list of possible wifi devices, use this link to check it (CLICK HERE) 

I hope you guys liked this post and appreciate an honest and open review of something I found really rather helpful when travelling. You never need be stuck when you're abroad. 

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