July 17, 2016

Where to stay in Mykonos: Kouros Hotel


So as lots of you will have seen, if you follow me on instagram, that I had the most amazing trip to Mykonos this summer and I’ve been desperate to share my photos with you all.

This post will be focused on where I stayed which was the amazing Kouros Hotel which in true Mykonos style has some incredible ocean views, so your bedroom window is blue sky and blue sea. You also wont be disappointed with the gorgeous white wash Greek design. It’s a 5 star hotel and I couldn’t recommend it more, its been around since 1994 but was completely renovated in 2016 by French designer: Fabienne Spahn. This is evident throughout, with the elegant touches and the attention to detail. What is also great is that you can walk into the main town for dinner or shopping. Or do what we did and rent quad bikes and do a 5 minute or less drive. 

IMG_9266.JPGNow, although the pool was prettttty freezing, I can’t deny it was the central hang out area. Hotel rooms and the restaurant all surround the pool. These are my Gandys London flip-flops. I was approached about these and was so happy to be on board with this company. Gandys is run by two brothers who lost their parents in the 2004 tsunami and now they sell clothing, towels, accessories and some of the profit goes back to helping orphans in need. 






I brought an array of bikinis for my trip, this one I love and is my favourite scallop edged bikini that i've seen. Its a little Boohoo (totally affordable) number!

If you’ve ever been to a Greek island, you’ll know the evenings are gorgeous. Sunsets over the sea, offset by calm white and blue buildings. Mykonos didn’t disappoint. Evenings at Kouros were filled with post shower naps, dressing up and watching the evening draw on, before heading into the town for some dinner. 


The sun setting over the hotel:



Then every morning I got up early and headed to the gym, which was adequate enough. I think a re-vamp of the equipment wouldn’t go a miss, but I was grateful for the chance to get in some workout time before breakfast. I joined my family for a buffet style breakfast, where there was anything from doughnuts, to greek yoghurt and fresh fruit, eggs or simply some cereal. I cant lie I worked my way through most of the delights on offer. Particularly pleased on the few days the offered macaroons!


Before I waffle on too much, take a look at some of my pictures of the hotel below and I cant tell you how much I loved this place. Id definitely return! One final thing to mention was their spa which, although small, did some amazing treatments. My favourite was a 70 minute massage, after which I could have happily slept for the next 12 hours or so. 





There will be more Mykonos posts coming, with outfits and other pictures, so stay tuned. Don't forget to hit the follow buttons and come and say hi on Instagram, i love hearing from you! 




This post was not sponsored by Kouros Hotel, the only bit of blogger input on this was my complimentary spa treatment. But all views are my own




Blaise Ruby 



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