January 12, 2016

San Antonio!


So when my brother got an 100% tennis scholarship to a university in San Antonio Texas, this only meant one thing for me... A HOLIDAY! This was a holiday and a great way to explore the wonders of San Antonio in the week we had but also set my brother (whom has never made a bed/washed clothes/looked after himself in any way before) up at university. So heres a little snippet of what went down in Texas... note its a lot of eating.

First of all HI thats me! And Im in love with this coat from H & M. Such a bargain and the warmest coat of all time. Which was required as San Antonio was sunny yet cold. v cold. 


We stayed in Downtown San Antonio which i believe is the more touristy area. But if the shoe fits... Anyway we stayed at a hotel called The Valencia River Walk Hotel which i would totally recommend if you're heading to San Antonio. Its right in the heart of Downtown and right on the river walk without being in the noisy restaurant area. It alsoooo has a gym which was essential when i couldn't resist a burger for more than 4 hours in a go and when Im trying to keep up with my Kayla workouts.

The river walk is a beautiful walk to do, there are tonnes of nice restaurants either side. My particular favourite was The Esquire Tavern which is just on the left of the below photo (past the run down building!). It was absolutely buzzing inside, amazing food and live music, with a very Texan feel and dating back to the 1930's. Apparently more of a local hang out which is also a winner. 

I was loving the fire stairs on all the buildings. And look at the bright blue sky!



On our first evening we accidentally headed to an absolute gem of a restaurant called Bohanans which you could actually dress up really nicely to, however we totally didn't and in Texas this seems to be the case in most restaurants. I think casual is the done thing everywhere. However the restaurant is beautiful and food is insane, more expensive than most other places though. Its known for steaks but hey I went for tuna...

Enjoying the craziness of the road organisation on our way out to breakfast the next day



One thing I did find strange about San Antonio were there were kind of 'pockets' where you shop OR eat. These activities weren't really combined, whereas in England you'd not get a bunch of shops without a cafe at least. However one day, struggling to find somewhere for breakfast we hit upon an "Egg and I". Which was a fun experience and served some serious American breakfasts:

Just backseat chillin, in my favourite lipstick of the moment. A matte mac lipstick in shade russian red! Love love love.



Another place I must mention was Sams Burger Joint. Which is a place that holds some cool live music events and some extremely good burgers. Oh and also get onion rings if you go!!

I feel like you're starting to get a theme here... a lot of food consuming went on. I think San Antonio would be perfect for a tourist for 3 or 4 days. To walk the river walk, indulge in some great food and take in all the city had to offer. As we had a longer time before my brother was going to be left at uni this is probably why we found so many eateries! This is another great place - The Bird Bakery (actually check out their website its so pretty too!) The interior is just beautiful and i ended up sitting there with my mum most days for a coffee and one of their delicious mini cupcakes whilst waiting for my brother. 


 On our final day we decided to go and find a restaurant we had heard amazing things about. We walked for about an hour. It was fully booked. Sad but also meant i got to be super nosey and look at the cool houses in the neighbourhood. Which is one of my favourite things to do. These are a few of my favourites. We also ended up having a very yummy breakfast elsewhere and sauntered on home down the beautiful river walk. So there aint no losers here.

San Antonio2.jpg 



Let me know if you're heading anywhere soon and comment if you liked this post. 


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(Oh and a lot of shopping went down so I will be doing a USA haul very soon of all my goodies. stay tuned)!






Blaise Ruby 



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