December 12, 2015

English Girls In Paris - Part 1


After the shock and the sadness of the Paris shootings recently, the trip I had planned with my sister had to be moved to a later date. However, we didn't want the attacks to stop everyone living a normal life and so we did still go. I am extremely sad for all those effected by the attacks and can't imagine how sad the families must be, but tried to enjoy Paris for the beautiful place it is and live as care free as possible. So here are my few days spent in Paris. So excited as this is my first travel post on my new blog, so enjoy!

Above on our walk around the nearby area, capturing some of the beautiful buildings of Paris.

We kicked off the weekend walking around the area Le Marais, where our hotel was. We stayed at the 1K Paris hotel and were pleasantly surprised at its quirky nature. An abundance of green plants hang from the high ceilings in the bar and two live lizards greet you in the main reception room (enclosed in a glass cage..dont worry!) I will post more about the hotel in a later post along with pictures. I have to thank my sister for all the organisation and for basically acting as my own personal Satnav. If you know me, you'll know I lack spatial awareness and any sense of direction. So i went to paris with a list of things I wanted to do and places I want to go and passed that onto my satnav.. I mean sister ;)

Above is the restaurant Chez Julien, which we didn't end up going to but I absolutely love the building. There are so many incredible buildings, at first I felt like someone had created fake old looking parisian buildings... they were all id imagined and more. The rue du Pont Louis Philippe is a tiny street running from the rue de Rivoli to the Seine and is only about 200 yards. So its pretty tiny and located between the popular marais and Ile St - Louis. So this street is a little quieter but holds some real gems. Such as this restaurant and a quirky coffee shop a few doors down. So worth the trip to go a little off the beaten track. 


I mean going away with me for the weekend got so exciting, my sister was jumping for joy. Who can blame her?

Next stop was a selfie (or 4000...3999 didn't make the cut) outside the Notre Dam. One look at the queue and we decided we were going to be admiring its beauty from the outside and that was just perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed walking the streets of paris and the architecture was plenty enough to keep me amused all day long. However, wearing thermals was a must. 

Notre Dam Cathedral

Taking a quick stop to admire Paris. My outfit:

Bag - Mulberry

Coat - H & M 

Thermals - Uniqlo (totally necessary to tell you because they are amazing)

Hotel Le Bristol oooof you so beautiful

We then walked through the jardin tuileries, which I totally thought was spelt toiletries and almost published this post. Phewf for proof reading. Which is beautiful but i think I'd enjoy more in summer with a lot more greenery and less grey. The place was as expected a little quieter than Im told it usually is, because everyone was a touch scared of being in large crowds. However there were about 60 police vans everywhere you turned, Im not sure if that made me more nervous or feel more safe. Either way...they were there. 


After our walk through the gardens we arrived at the christmas market on the Champs Elysees, where I bought some verrrry christmassy roasted chestnuts and my sister some dried fruit delights. It was a lovely place to be and very christmassy, so definitely worth a wander if you're there!

IMG_0740.JPG IMG_0828.JPG

After hours of walking (note we DID NOT use the metro!) as we were keen to walk everywhere. We needed to find somewhere for dinner and came across the gem Cafe Charlot in Le Marais, where I had the most glorious steak tartare and my sister had a burger. A real French charming restaurant with some exceptional food (& some handsome waiters). 


Keep up to date and check out more pictures from the trip on instagram @blaisedyer 

Stayed tuned for more to come!








Blaise Ruby 



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