July 3, 2017

Ten things to do with the rest of this summer


Do you already feel like the summer’s slipping away from you!? Well catch it before its well and truly over. I decided to write down ten things I want to do with the rest of the summer. Have a read and see if any of this tickle your fancy. Scroll down to find where my dress is from too.

1. Spend time with your family – I feel summer holidays used to be spent excessively with your family as a child. Whether you thought that was a great thing or a completely awful thing, it was just something we all did in school summer holidays. Nowadays either you’ve moved home, or like me, some of your siblings have moved home and I find that summer really feels like summer when you can play around outside with your nearest and dearest. 

2. Go to an outdoor cinema – Ive been to one in my lifetime and that was when I was in Melbourne. But with such good weather recently, we shouldn’t save those novelty moments for holidays or being abroad. We can do that even here in England. 

Somerset House  - CLICK HERE - Film4 Summer Screen will run between August 10 – 23 2017.

Queen Of Hoxton Pub Shoreditch London – CLICK HERE 

Plymouth – CLICK HERE – On a ship

Blenheim Palace Oxford (and other locations) – CLICK HERE – Luna Cinema

3. Wear all your summer clothes you’ve wanted to. Don’t wait for a special occasion. If its warm enough, wear it. That’s what Im going to do this summer. I have outfits that I save for a summer special occasion or a summer party or something specific for summer. Ive realized, its rare to be given the right weather with the right occasion here in England so just wear it! Hence my lovely maxi dress for a casual day in the countryside. 

4. Workout Outside. Sign up to a new class, a bootcamp or even run or walk outside. Enjoy the fresh air! Ive started doing bootcamp with THE BARN COTSWOLDS which is an outdoor circuits class and I love it!!

5. Go and watch the sunset. I always want to do this one. But with the weather being so perfect, why not walk or drive to the perfect location and watch the sun set. 

6. Grab some friends and find the nearest body of water! River, lake, lido, hot tub. Whatever it is , go jump in it. Spend the day or just for the thrill. Go and find some water and enjoy the cool escape from the summer heat. 

 7. Look after your skin. My top favourite skincare products right now are The Glamglow mask, Guerlain terracotta dry oil, clarins lip oil and elemis cleanser. Stay clean, fresh, rejuvenated and moisturized this summer. See my faves down below. 

8. Buy a new swimsuit! I swear theres more out there than ever in terms of cute new bikinis. My two new favourite place to buy swimsuits are Calzedonia and Zaful! 

Zaful Website HERE

Calzedonia Website HERE


9. Turn off! Turn your phones, laptops, wifi (OMG) off! Just for a day or a couple of hours. Grab your favourite book or tune into those people called family and friends (sorry who?) and ENGAGE. 

10. Try out a new colour. Be that nail varnish, dress colour, or even hair! Try something this summer, you never know, you might love it! 

 I hope you guys liked this post, its just 10 things I plan to do by the end of the summer! Let me know what you guys want to do by the end of summer over on instagram/twitter @blaisedyer 

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Blaise Ruby 



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