October 7, 2017

The Perfect Feed. Taking Blog Pics In Your Home Town.


So you want blog photos or a perfect instagram feed but you don’t live in London or have access to those perfect big white London town houses with the railings outside? Okay, so you quit now. Forget it because you cant be a blogger without those crucial ingredients, right? WRONG. Think again.

So I must admit I too can also be guilty of thinking that I need to be somewhere else, away from my hometown, to take blog/instagram worthy shots. I live right in the heart of the Cotswolds, ideallic to most and I do love it here, but I didn’t want to post countrified, outdoorsy posts all the time, so the majority of my blog pictures I took in London when I went to stay with my dad. This puts a lot of pressure on the days that you’re in London for the weather to be nice, for you to have enough time to take photos of all the outfits you’ll want for the next month on your blog and for a willing helper/photographer to snap away. Then the other day I was driving through another nearby village and I thought how utterly beautiful is this place?! And how great it would be as a location to shoot some posts. Driving back to my Cotswold village it suddenly looked a whole lot more interesting and brought me back to my childhood where I would spend hours exploring the local area. 

So the next day I took a little drive around the back roads, the fields and to a nearby collection of pretty houses and basically did a little location scout. It reminded me that when I was younger I loved to take photos, I didn’t have any social media so the photos were purely for my own amusement. I would take my best friend and we would go jumping in poppy fields or running through endless rows of corn getting some amazing and fun images. I don’t know when I stopped just doing that, I think it was when I started photography as an A level, it made something that was once a fun carefree hobby into a chore, so slowly my photography died down. It was re-kindled with my love of blogging but still I stick to outfit shots in fairly urban areas so that you aren’t drawn away from the outfit. 

This got me thinking about combining all the things I love: my hometown, friends, fun, taking photos and blogging. So I’ve decided to make an effort to take more photos where I live. To embrace the area and see it as a difference, something that’ll make my photos stand out rather than blend in and get lost. I called up a good friend of mine (Frankie. Shout Out to Frankie) who lives nearby and studied photography with me, and asked if she fancied a little fun day of taking photos. We spent almost the entire day playing in the field and exploring cute villages and taking photos along the way. I loved the photos we created, but also it was a really lovely thing to get back to doing and it inspired me to write this post, not about an outfit but as an idea for anyone else out there that might not live in the perfect instagram location. 

So I challenge you to go out and see your home as a tourist and embrace it, take photos you enjoy and don’t fret about the instagram feed! 

My top tips for exploring your hometown & taking pictures:

  1. Figure out what your area is known for. The reason that your area is known for something clearly means its worth seeing. Even if it’s boring and a very day to day scene for you doesn’t mean other people wont love it. Try to see it with fresh eyes. Cotswold stone houses to me look very normal and Im very picky about which ones are nice enough for a photo, but Ive come to realise lots of people don’t even see the kind of cute houses we have around here ever!
  2. So you might think I’m a step ahead living in a quaint Cotswold town. So Ok you might live in a real urban street. Try finding some cool garage doors. Wander down the centre of the roads. Grab a pile of leaves and shoot your Autumn look. Honestly just try anything and you’ll be surprised.
  3. Scout locations. Rather than heading straight out and taking photos, go and walk or drive around so you know where you are going to head. This stops you from feeling disheartened and you know what your plan is.
  4. Take it slow and enjoy yourself. Take it all in and try to make a day of it if you have the time. Shooting outfit after outfit can get boring so if you’re able to do it near where you live theres no reason to rush!
  5. Test out local cafes, florists or shops. Change it up, you never know you might find the perfect photo location and its been right under your nose. 

So those are my top tips for taking your blog photos wherever you are! I hope you enjoyed this post and I love hearing from you over on twitter/instagram @blaisedyer

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Photos Taken by my good friend Frankie who runs an amazing Photo Booth business - Find it here




Blaise Ruby 



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