April 9, 2018

Moving To London: Lessons & Thoughts


It’s been a few months now since I took the plunge and moved to London. Admittedly I’ve been back home, to the Cotswolds, a few times, but its now that I feel fully settled and I’ve learnt some London ways. So I thought I’d share my experience with you so far, so if you’re thinking of moving to London or already living here and wondering what others think too then read on.

My first month was one of mixed feelings. People were rude, the postmen seemed to hate me (and guys I hate to alarm you but you’re gonna be back here everyday, if not a few times a day), and leaving your house was a mission every single time, oh and forget about your car, because you’re not parking outside anywhere. But I’ve learnt a few things that have helped me not only deal with this, but enjoy everything London has to offer. 

London Never Sleeps

London never sleeps. I know people have said this before, its not revolutionary, but late night tubes, trains or Tesco trips where you think surely you’re the only person up at this ridiculous hour…nope – there will ALWAYS be people up. This I love and because my boyfriend is mostly abroad I find it quite comforting to hear the murmur of people chatting, dogs barking, sirens wailing and hey I don’t even mind a few drunken shouts and crying girls on a Saturday night. 

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However, having said this have you ever heard people say you can feel so lonely in a busy city? Well this I have also experienced. London has this nack of making a huge deal out of public holidays or events like Valentines Day or Easter. So if you have no plans or no valentine, you may as well hide in doors because all you’ll be graced with are posters advertising a family Easter lunch, endless decorated shop fronts to remind you and romantic meal deals for two. And if you don’t fit into any of those categories or you don’t have plans it can leave you feeling super lonely. It’s not only during holidays or events that this can happen though, just day to day walking past millions of people, potentially without speaking to anyone can feel extremely strange, especially when you’ve come from a village where its the done thing to say ‘good morning’ to every passing soul. But I’ve found a few things to help and make the most of London life. 


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Say yes

So far I’ve tended to say yes to everything I’m offered; be that work events, gym classes, or a friends invite to the local pub. Where plans used to be made a week in advance so that I could plan my travel, now I’m only ever maximum an hour away, so I really have no reason to say no! I think making the effort to do this is fun, even if it’s not something you would usually like to do– who makes memories sitting on their sofa after all?

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`If you’d rather do activities during the day, there’s a million things to do and why not make it active! Everyone is a regular gym goer in London, or so they seem, with thousands of people in active wear, women trekking miles with a yoga matt over their shoulder and cyclists squeezing their bikes into tiny corners of the bus. I’ve taken to trying new places regularly and this is good for keeping workouts fun, making my body work harder and better and also making new friends! If you’re not into making friends there, then something I like to do is invite someone I may have met one or two times – it gives you some common ground, something to do and helps strengthen whatever friendship may already be there! Another thing I’ve recently joined is Classpass which is a monthly subscription and I pay £50 a month to do classes in lots of cool studios that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to! It’s an amazing way to see more of London and make some new friends where I live. If you don’t want to sign up to something like that, but you still cant afford London gym prices, try doing introductory offers at places like Ride Republic or Core Collective. I know Ride Republic does a 3 classes for £30 offer and Im sore Core Collective would too. This way you can try out lots of places without breaking the bank. But don’t blame me if you love it so much you end up paying the full price at the end! 


Finally another thing I have learnt living in London is to not see London as this huge city but a lot of different villages or pockets. Explore your pocket and venture out to another and explore that one, it makes London smaller, more manageable and easier to navigate. A way I use to decide where I want to explore is the save function on instagram. I have a folder called ‘London’ where I save images people have taken and I make an effort to visit the place they have been. It gives me a focus for my day and then I explore that area.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and a little glimpse into my life in London. Click on the images below to get the links to my outfit: 

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