March 19, 2017

Mothers Day Gift Guide


You’ll probably have noticed I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to feature my mum on my blog in the lead up to mothers day, having posted a full style series on #agelessstyle . And today the mothers day theme continues. Every mother deserves to be a little bit spoilt on mothers day. So if you’re not a forward thinker with your present already purchased (potentially wrapped) and ready or arriving in 2-4 working days, then here’s a little mothers day gift guide to inspire you. Don't forget, products will be linked at the bottom (where possible).

Clarins Tender Moments

Now if you’re not already sold with the packaging (yes – its gorg) then let me tell you about these lovely limited edition mothers day makeup from Clarins. The idea is your giving love and kisses (the name of the products but also what you should give your momma IRL). What’s great about these products is they’re part skin care, part make up – so if you’re not sure what your mum’s into or what kind of make up she’s into, you can never go wrong with a little skincare addition. 


The daily energizer lovely lip balm - £16.00

I cannot get enough of this lip balm, I’m tempted to completely steal this and never even give it to my mum for mothers day. Or is that like the ultimate betrayal of blogging about a mothers day gift guide? Anyway this is a lip balm, not lipstick and its quite possibly the creamiest and most luxurious lip balm I have ever tried. It smells to me like peaches but its also rich in cocoa butter, shea butter and redcurrent. So you know its got the good stuff in it. The eco packaging it comes in is sourced from sustainable forests – to give you that extra feel good factor when using this balm. 

Skin Illusion Blush - £16.00

A tender declaration in the cutest packaging - these little blushers come in three different shades, shown below and are perfect for an on the going mum looking for a radiance in her everyday makeup routine. The screw cap and powder puff allow for radiance when you're on the go, pop in your bag and whip out to top of the colourful healthy glow. They even have a little mirrored lid to ease your application. Im obsessed. 

Guerlain – Mon Guerlain Fragrance

So Guerlain have just launched their new fragrance Mon Guerlain, with Angelina Jolie (the ultimate mother figure – although that’s not why she was picked!) as their ambassador. I have written about this gorgeous feminine but strong perfume in my other blog post, found HERE. But I think this would make a lovely and super pretty mothers day gift. 

Jo Malone – Michael Angove Soap Collection

This is a travel retail exclusive from world duty free, so if you’re in a rush and heading home from wherever in the world you might be and need a last minute but totally scrumptious gift for your mother this year, this ones for you!

Inside the (as ever) gorgeous Jo Malone gift box are three delicious smelling soaps. English Pear and Freesia, Blackberry & Bay and Red Roses.  I can tel you that my favourite is the English Pear and Freesia – DEVINE. Wrapped in stunning designs created by British artist Michael Angove. A really special gift for mothers day. 

Microblading at The White House Clinic

Now this isn’t a conventional mothers day gift. But sometimes you’ve got to treat your mum to exactly what you know she wants and needs.  So if you didn’t know microblading is a form of tattooing – no, don’t worry Im not suggesting you take your mum to get her beloved daughters name tattooed down her arm (although I’m sure Blaise would look pretty good on my mothers bicep…hmmm).  Instead this is tattoo for your eyebrows. Microblading is where the tattoo pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool rather than a conventional tattoo machine. Then hair like strokes are drawn to mimic natural brow hairs. I will be doing a whole new blog post on this later on, but I think this is a fab gift for anyone interested in upping their brow game or if you lack anything in the way of eyebrows. They look totally real and not harsh. I found this incredible place called The White House Clinic in Leamington Spa where I’ve heard nothing but great things about their microblading. 

They're in the process of a new website BUT I have found their business Facebook page if you want to contact them through there if you're interested. Click HERE


I hope you guys liked this post and feel inspired to get something for your mums this Mothers Day. 

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Blaise Ruby 



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