February 12, 2017

DIY Valentines Night In: Sweet Treats & Table Decorations


Valentines Day is almost here and if you’ve still not made solid plans or don’t fancy fighting for a table reservation or you'd simply prefer a casual night in, read on to find out my tips on how to achieve the perfect DIY valentines night in.


First thing to think about is the meal – you’ve opted to stay in so who’s doing the cooking? If you need a break from the kitchen how about ordering your favourite take away together. 

Not into take aways – think about a romantic meal you can prepare for your loved one. Check out some recipes below:

Red Wine Beef Stew

Jamie Oliver's Love Dumplings

Baked Seabass with Lemon Caper Dressing

Griddled Seabass with Vegetables

Jamie Oliver Burger



My favourite bit and where you can get as creative as you like or go as low key as you like.

Try buying some cute balloons to pop in the living room or the bedroom to spread the love throughout the house. You could even find heart shaped ones which are all over the shops at the moment. I like adding flowers to the table as I think it brings a very romantic feel.


Napkin Folding - Whether you're sitting down at the table or you’ve decided to take your dinner to the coffee table – table decorations are still key. An easy and effective way to wow is learning this simple heart napkin fold. CHECK IT OUT HERE

Confetti - Want to sprinkle rose petals all over the bed/table/floor/life but just don’t have the funds to be purchasing excessive amounts of red roses just to shred them? Try your hand at homemade confetti. Simply get some card or tissue paper in your desired colours fold in half and cut half the heart shape to create a quick and easy heart confetti. 



Table decorations will give you that romantic feel – so pop all the candles you can find on the table, sprinkle your hand made confetti and pop your napkins down. Add a bunch of flowers to the middle of the table and try some DIY bits and pieces like these twig additions. Just a cute and fun addition to the table that I love. I like to buy imitation flowers so they look perfect year roundIMG_7110.jpg

Post Dinner

I mean its Valentines night, its up to you what you do post dinner, but if you’re looking for a cosy night in. Pop on your favourite film and enjoy some post dinner snacks.

Edible Goodies

Is there anything more romantic than strawberries? Such an easy way to up the romance and involves no cooking. Win win. Grab yourself a skewer and stick on some delicious goodies – try strawberries, brownies and marshmallows for the perfect sweet kebab.  


Homemade/Shop brought Brownies to chop into small pieces



Your choice of Chocolate for melting and drizzling over

A really easy thing to make - simply chop your strawberries into manageable pieces. I like putting more strawberry on the skewer than the sweet treats because it makes the kebab less sickly.


Once everything is chopped add the pieces to the skewers and melt your choice of chocolate for drizzling over.


Left over marshmallows and strawberries?
Melt some chocolate and cover your strawbs and marshmallows then decorate with your choice of sprinkles, icing or whatever you fancy! One you can do together or beforehand. 


 Sweet Kebabs - Final Product:


Table Set Up:

Marshmallow Sticks:

I popped my decorated marshmallows into my false flowers to make a cute table decoration.


I hope you guys liked this post and it gets you ready for whatever you're doing this valentines day. Don't forget this doesn't have to be for a loved one. Set this valentines day scene up for you and your friends and make it a #GalentinesDay

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Check out last years Valentines Post about my own personal lust list RIGHT HERE 




Blaise Ruby 



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