January 6, 2017

Dupe Or Designer?


With the christmas period now over, I'm sure the majority of us all are feeling our bellies a little fuller and our wallets a little lighter. Being low on funds means we have to be a little savvy. I've been on the hunt for a new small hand bag and was browsing multiple high street shops and kept noticing I was comparing them to designer pieces. It's incredible how there are some great affordable and beautiful dupes out there. Don't mistake a dupe for a fake. Dupes aren't using the designers logo's or claiming to be that bag - they are merely getting inspiration from some of the more well known designers. So for this post I thought I'd show you a couple I had found. These are just my own finds and I'm sure theres a tonne more out there, but these are ones I particularly like and lets see if you can guess which is the dupe or designer. At the bottom I'll list where the non designer one is from too!

1. Versace Palazzo Empire Leather Bag A or B, which is the real deal? 

2. Chloe Faye Bag - A or B? 

3. Balenciaga Classic City Bag - A or B? 

4. Prada Cahier Bag - A or B?

Chanel Boy Bag - A or B? 


Okay so guessing some of those might have been super easy because you can clearly see the designer hardware, but hey it's all in the name of fun. 

1. B was the designer, A was the Ocadorien bag from ALDO found at £38.00 link here

2. B was the designer, A was Leather Flap bag from MANGO found at £19.99 link here

3. B again was the designer, A was the Nydalen bag from ALDO found at £35.00 link here

4. A was the designer, B was the Sunsapote bag from ALDO found at £45.00 link here

5. B was the designer, A was the ZARA cross body bag found at £89.99 link here


Hope you guys liked this post and if you've seen any amazing dupes out there let me know which ones you're loving too! Find me on twitter & instagram @blaisedyer





Blaise Ruby 



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