October 2, 2017

NEW - Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighters Review


2017 has been THE year of the highlight. They’ve been everywhere and by everywhere I mean every magazine, every instagram shot, every makeup look but also every part of our bodies. People are literally wanting to bathe in highlight and I’m all for it. A little shine never hurt nobody. Highlighters are the perfect way to add a radiance and glow to your complexion and enhance the angles and structure of your face.

So now if you’re a newbie to highlighters the basics are that there are 3 types: powder, stick or liquid formulations and they range majorly in price. I’ve tried a huge variety of highlighters both powder and liquid, and I’ve tried some of the most well known like the Glow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills (my all time go to powder highlight). So now I want to introduce you to a much anticipated highlighter from Barry M – the Liquid Chrome highlighters. There are five shades in this collection, five crazy bold shimmery gorgeous colours. They recently launched in Boots, Superdrug and ASOS,  I’ll be so interested to see how fast these will sell out. Liquid highlighter drops have become so popular this summer to intensify tans and make us all feel a little JLo by popping drops anywhere we like on our bodies. I don’t see this trend dying out and I can see highlighters transcending into our winter/Christmas makeup looks. 



So first of all the shades:

Liquid Fortune – A very bronzey colour

Beam Me Up – A bit of a lighter gold 

Precious Pearl – A lighter shade with a pinky undertone 

Moon Potion – Again a lighter white with a more minty undertone 

At First Light – A more pink light colour



Starting from closest to me (bottom of the arm) the shades are:

Liquid Fortune, Beam Me Up, At First Light, Precious Pearl, Moon potion


The best way to apply? So I found a couple of things – the best way to apply is when your foundation is a little wet, it blends much easier so don’t go faffing around after the foundation application. As it’s a liquid formulation it works best on liquid, so if youre going to apply powder it would be best to do that after applying the liquid chrome. I also found that it didn’t blend as well when blotted straight onto your face/cheekbone so the best way was to pop on the back of my hand and use a damp beauty blender and dab away in the designated areas. Also with a bit of the left over foundation it gives you that seamless blend! Im not one for that streaky highlight look, even when Im going for a striking brightness, its still best to blend blend blend. 

So how did I like it? They're a yes in my books, I would say that I wouldn’t use all of the colours/shades because some were a bit too light for me. However I had tried out the very lightest ontop of some white eyeshadow and on the inner corner of my eye! So you’ll always find uses for highlighters like this, think outside the box with your highlighter. So I found that although these looked crazily bright in the packaging the glow was actually a lot more natural than I thought. Instead of these highlighters being one of those products that can go oh so wrong if youre not careful, they're very easy  to keep subtle and you need to build the product for that blinding highlight look. As I said my favourite highlighter is the ABH powder palette and I rarely use liquid drops but I think for a super dewy natural look I’d use these liquid chrome drops. 


In the photos Im wearing beam me up. 

How else can I use them? Add them to your foundation for a softer overall dewy glimmer or add them just on your cheek bones after your foundation and then apply a powder highlight – the liquid chrome drops make a great base.

What else should we know? The chrome drops are cruelty free and vegan so hey we can all give them a go! OH AND GUESS WHAT….. Theyre £6.99 – how did I forget!!!

So if you’re looking to get your hands on them, check them out here: 

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