June 13, 2017

4 Summer Looks With Specsavers


In the past couple of years facial furniture, or glasses if you will, have become quite the fashion statement. Gone are the times when glasses are mocked or we feel ashamed to wear glasses in public. Geek chic is one of those trends that just comes back year in year out, so the glasses trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

I am in fact a glasses wearer, and with around two million people in Britain also suffering some sort of sight loss, it seems this trend has us rocking our glasses with pride. So with the change in seasons I thought what perfect way to show you how I wear my glasses, than to pair them up with different summer styles and colours of outfits.  I buy my glasses at Specsavers, for a number of reasons; I love the variety of frames they have, the price (!!)  is amazing in comparison to other opticians, over a certain price (I think its £69) you can buy one get one free, the lenses are included in the price of the frame and the aftercare service is amazing. So hey I’m a big fan and that’s why Im so happy to be partnering with them for this post to show you my favourite specsavers frames for the summer. 

So the first pair of glasses are these really cute round gold frames. I thought I wanted some of those ‘grandpa’ style glasses. I'm not being rude, that’s what people are calling them. However, I’ve seen them all over instagram and pretty much everywhere, so I thought that I might get bored of them soon. I thought this style was pretty similar to the grandpa glasses trend but would be less of a passing trend.  



I knew the kind of outfit that would look cute with these would either be to go full on geek chic and go over the knee socks and a cute skirt, but I also wanted to show you guys that glasses don’t have to be just casual wear during the daytime. 


So I’ve paired the glasses with this gorgeous fuscia prom style dress from Chi Chi London. I’m obsessed. It’s so flattering with the neckline and really elongates your legs with the skirt part of this dress coming from around your waistline. I popped this dress in my most recent summer haul video which you can find HERE

I accessorised with a gold sparkly clutch and some gold heels to match my frames. The only problem with wearing glasses in a more formal setting or to go out, is that you have to class them as an accessory and match your outfit. That’s why keeping your other accessories to a similar colour palette really works. 



Prince Range: £

Sku Number (so you can find them on the website): 30474512 (Hurston)

Link to the Glasses: HERE


So next up I went for a square frame, but I wanted to go for something smaller than I usually would just for a change. These glasses are a sort of two tone blue frame and so lovely even when they’re just sitting in their box!


As these are two tones of blue – I immediately thought it would make a cool outfit to pair them with double denim! Tonal outfits are so pleasing for me and so I love that I can match my glasses too. 



I’ve gone for a more casual look, as double denim can often look a little OTT for my liking, so I’ve opted for this oversized denim shirt and some culotte style denim shorts. These are the ones I featured in a blog post (Click Here) about a more mature way of wearing denim shorts. 

Don’t think though that just because the glasses are blue your outfit must be blue. Not at all, I was thinking about pairing these with a red dress, but hey… I’ve got my whole wardrobe to test out with these frames. 



Prince Range: ££

Sku Number (so you can find them on the website): 25666120 (Drew)

Link to the GlassesHERE

Now it wouldn’t be summer without a little white dress. I recently bought this dress and I’m obsessed with the sleeve detail. Im having to refrain from buying every dress I see in this style. So obviously I wanted to include this dress in my summer glasses lookbook. Now I think these are my favourite frames so far. These are Kylie Minogue frames, still from Specsavers though, and I just cannot get enough. 



These glasses are again two tone but they’re more of a purple and nudey- pink colour, which I think is gorgeous. The shape isn’t too round, but is more interesting than plan square ones and I think this size is perfect. Not too small, but not too oversized that you can’t wear them everyday. 



I would say these are feminine but strong glasses and that’s why I wanted to pair them for a daytime look with a rather cute little summer dress. I think the white works well with the colouring of the frames and lets them be a bit more of a statement piece. 




Prince Range: £££

Sku Number (so you can find them on the website): 30520271 (KYLIE)

Link to the Glasses:HERE

 My final frames. These are the most expensive pair that I have for this lookbook, but I really think they’re a pair that I wont get bored of and will go with the majority of outfits. I like this shape frame on my face and I have to say it does seem to work well on the majority of people, whereas very round frames can be trickier. 


All black makes them an easy addition to an outfit, but I wanted to show a more tailored monochrome look that can still be worn in summer with this pair. I opted for little shorts, OTK boots and a shirt with a corset belt. All the accessories including the glasses are black and create what I think is a nice tailored but still cool look for summer. 



Prince Range: £££

Sku Number (so you can find them on the website): 30400252 (LM)

Link to the Glasses: HERE

I hope you guys liked this post. I loved working on it and I have four gorgeous glasses I love! Let me know over on twitter or instagram which pair you liked best – find me at @blaisedyer All the frames are linked and I will pop outfit details in too. 

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This post was sponsored by Specsavers. All views, opinions and styling are my own. 




Blaise Ruby 



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