April 18, 2017

Easing into Summer | OOTD


The weather is getting slightly warmer and we are all starting to feel entitled to a few less layers when we head out! I heard someone refer to this current period we are in, in England as ‘Swinter’. As we ease our way into summer I find the best way is to use our winter wardrobe but alter it to fit the weather. This way we are maximising the use of our winter clothes and we are less likely to get caught out when the weather inevitably changes on us at the very last second. I’ve worn some of my staple winter pieces and tried to summer-fy them!

A sleeveless jacket or a gilet is a perfect way to get your limbs out without going the whole hog and committing to a summer dress. I love this look in the winter with a turtle neck underneath and allowing the jacket to stay open. As summer approaches I have kept it simple with bare arms and the low front creates a little cheeky sort of look. A sort of sexy shirt look. 

I was given this stunning faux fur scarf with my initials hand stitched into it by Bandits London a while ago and I just can't get enough of it. Carrying round something like this is a statement piece but also functional. Gets a little chilly when you're out? Pop your scarf on.

More accesorios - a light brown leather belt breaks up an all grey outfit and takes it from winter to spring time with a small pop of different colour as well as cinching in your waist for that elegant silhouette. 

To find this cute scarf head HERE to find Bandits London's wesite and more of their products. 

I love hats whatever the weather - but I feel this pulls the whole outfit together and stops you from looking too summery and makes this outfit a perfect transitional look. 

So don’t put away your winter sweaters, OTK boots and scarves just yet. You can still use your favourite winter pieces as we transition through spring and summer. 

Things to think about

Sleeve length:

So you’ve started your fake tan routine and you want to make the most of the weather when it is warm? Try opting for sleeveless outfits or shorter sleeves to add that touch of spring summer without the full blown summer dress and flip flops.


Boots in Summer have never been a no no, but we just seem to wear longer boots in the Winter. But remember in these in between months we can test out little mini skirts or jumper dresses without freezing our bottoms off. Who knows that underneath those OTK boots you’re still rocking ski socks?


Black shorts are fab for this time of the year – either as I said with boots or simply pop some black tights underneath – et voila you’re slowly edging towards the bare leg idea. 

Winter Accessories:

Opted for a dress? Why not accessorize with warmer accessories so you have the freedom to test out your cute new dress but the option for warmth. Test out a statement scarf like mine. 


Denim is great season in season out. Try a denim skirt instead of jeans one day – you’re one step closer to that full on summer look. 

I hope you liked this post and If you guys want to shop the post - click on the images below and it will take you to either the same products or as similar as I could find because either I can't find the originals or they've sold out. 

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