October 19, 2017



So next in my series of testing out gym classes at my gym, David Lloyd in Swindon, I tried out a new class that came about when we had a whole new batch of equipment and workout areas. I have to say our gym is probably the best David Lloyd in terms of quality, cleanliness and the range of equipment. Also weights and equipment are ALWAYS put back, so when I go to London to any of the many gyms, not just David Lloyd’s I am always surprised at the lack of clear space!

If you’ve been following my little fitness journey either over here on my blog or over on my instagram (@blaisedyer). You’ll know that going to the gym wasn’t something that was natural to me and something that actually made me really rather nervous. You can read more on that HERE, where I wrote about getting over the fear of the gym and how I now workout. 

But for the last few months I’ve been playing it safe; doing some light cardio, followed by some weights and ab workouts. So during one of my ‘light cardio’ sessions on the cross trainer (which I have to admit I love… a little YouTube on in front of me) I noticed a whole new section in our gym. To me this area looked intimidating…tyres, ropes and just generally a whole load of heavy stuff! So for a while I just ignored this space and left that to someone else. But as time went on I began to watch the classes from the safety of my cross trainer, they call the class “Gym Functional Training” and its basically a circuits class using all the equipment they have over there. I saw a real variety of people in the classes from young women and men to older women and men, they also ranged in fitness and physiques. 

So I decided that was on my bucket list of classes I would do, it would be a challenge, but a fun one and one I thought I could definitely achieve with a little hardwork! So I roped my mum in to join me and we did the morning class. We were run through how the class would work: 3 rounds, with the first doing a circuit of exercises for 40 seconds each, the second the same but a different exercise at each point in the circuit and then the third was both of the exercises we had just done in the circuit for 20 seconds each. Our trainer ran us through the exercises, obviously making it look like the easiest thing in the world and it was clear that the circuit was good for overall fitness, gaining muscles, flexibility and also getting your heart rate up. Sometimes circuits don’t manage to get your heart rate up and they focus too much on one area, but this circuit was a killer! But I did appreciate the circuit was made to maximise your HIIT training for a couple of stops and then you’d get a ‘break’ or just a lower intensity exercise, so it was a thoughtful circuit (if ever there were a thoughtful circuit!). 

Exercises included rope pulling, rope pulls with burpees (OMG!), squats with weights, pikes on exercise balls, TRX rows, ab crunches and a whole lots more. I am pleased to say I completed all 3 rounds of the circuits and so did my mum, and oh my goodness it was hard but it was good. I felt so satisfied afterwards and the guy that took the class was really great – I hate too much ‘shouting’, motivational or not… Im just not into it. So he was amazing at keeping us moving, motivated and feeling good without screeching at us like you find in so many classes. 


My Outfit

Leggings - Nike HERE

Bra - Nike HERE

Trainers - Nike HERE

So Im going to answer some of the questions I set for myself when I do these class testing posts.

Who would this class be good for?

Any age range I would say, but someone with relatively good fitness already because some of the exercises were hard and it left me very tired and breathless so I’d imagine that if you feel you have low fitness it would possibly leave you a little disheartened. However they do not say that and would probably help you to modify exercises if you found you couldn’t do them. 

What do I need?

Nothing special, easy to move in gym kit and definitely a water bottle! 

Difficulty Rating:

Ooooh id probably say 8/10

Fun Rating:

8/10 too. I loved having someone there to laugh at the fails with too, so its always fun to have a gym buddy. 

Would I do it again:

YES. I would like to do it once a week. It was an amazing workout and something different to working out alone. 

I hope you guys liked this post and it helped give you a little insight into a new class you might be considering. The class is called Functional Gym Training and you can find out more here on the David Lloyd website. The gym I shot these photos in is the gym I use – David Lloyd Swindon, which you can find here.

If you want to contact me to ask any questions go right ahead, its best over on twitter/instagram @blaisedyer

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