July 26, 2016



When thinking of summer workouts, the most obvious would be swimming. Refreshing, cooling and can be done outside. I've enjoyed swimming from a young age and up until this year I was going every day. Nowadays I like to change it up a bit more, but I do love to swim still. I like to know people's workouts so it gives me something to base mine on either as inspiration or a starting point. So I thought I'd share for you what I do when I swim, what I use and why I love it. This first picture is from when I did a project with Volvic, when they taught me to high board dive in a matter of hours.

So first of all my workout, this started off with 60 laps in a 25m pool and increased to 120 laps somedays when I was going very regularly and found I enjoyed going longer distances. These days I stick with a middle ground of 80 laps, which takes around 45 minutes and feels great afterwards. My workout routine generally goes like this:


3 Laps warm up front crawl (because usually I jump in and its freezing)

7 Laps alternating between front crawl & breast stroke (to get my breathing right)

20 Laps front crawl (3 mins rest after 10 for some water)

10 Laps with weighted fins, using just legs & no arms (alternating between on back, front crawl & kicking using a float)

30 Laps front crawl (3 mins rest after 10 if needed)

10 Laps back stroke & breast stroke

2 Laps running up the pool 


Then I will usually flop around in what I feel is a mermaid manner until I have 'cooled down' and that is a typical swim for me. If Im going for a shorter swim I will cut down the last few laps of front crawl. 

Now. What Equipment do you need... 

So essentially you could just rock up in your swimming costume/trunks/bikini/speedos and get to it. But over the years I have got more and more picky and really you also couldn't do a proper swim without at least goggles so don't forget to pick a good pair up. My favourites are always from Speedo. 

The picture above shows everything I would definitely take with me for a swim. 

Swimming Costume - This one is from Zara and I love it, so comfortable and fits my body just right. The slightly higher legs means its long enough and doesn't do that classic thing of giving you four bums...know what I mean!? However, if you need support in the bra area, this one wouldn't be for you and I would recommend a tighter or more structured upper half. 


Swimming Hat - For the first few years of swimming properly I never wore a hat and it totally ruins your hair in the chlorine, making it thin, coarse and de-coloured. I don't dye my hair but thats another thing that having a hat will protect. So even though I have short hair I will always put it into my swimming hat. This one is from Speedo. 


Biofuse FinsThese aren't normal fins that you'd go snorkelling or scuba diving with, they are specifically targeted at helping work your legs and create flexibility in your ankles. The weight of them and the shortness makes sure your upper legs are working hard. I used to find that my upper back seemed to be doing most of the work. So I have started to target my lower body in my workout, making sure that even when not using these fins and just doing front crawl, I consciously think about how hard I am kicking etc. These fins are from Speedo and I got a size UK 4-5 and I usually wear a size UK5 but its best to have them nice and snug so you don't get blisters. 


GogglesThese are from Speedo and called Futura Biofuse googles, made for womens faces. As I find lots of the time goggles let water in the sides and these ones are perfect. Im not a fan of those little tiny ones you see sometimes, I feel like a horse wearing blinkers so these allow me to see enough around me. 


Underwater iPod holder and headphonesI bought this from a shop on the Kings Road called The Kings Road Sporting Company or something like that, which is now sadly shut, but you can find similar things online. I love listening to music when I workout and it did take me a while to get used to it in water, because under water all your senses are being used, so it can be a bit disorientated. I would recommend getting one that is fastened to your goggles as with mine the wire can sometimes get in my way. 


Kerastase Soleil Aqua SealThis is great for before and after both sun and chlorine. I use this on my hair from the roots to the ends, it works protecting your hair by sealing the fibre with a waterproof layer effect. This way your hair will stay smooth, soft and not dry out at the ends. 



I hope you've enjoyed this post and it spurs you on to get out there and have a swim this summer. If you have any suggestions for me, Im all ears and love to know new workouts or things to try. Tweet me or find me on instagram @blaisedyer







Blaise Ruby 



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