August 9, 2017

A Simple Healthy Lunch - Chilli Pesto Courgetti


I came across spiralizers at university when one of my housemates invested in one and we all proceeded to steal hers and try out new veggies to spiralize. And my love for courgetti was born. So today I thought I’d show you what I like to eat most lunch times when I’m at home. It takes no time at all and is a super healthy option with a whole lot of taste.


1 Small Courgette

1 Table Spoon Green Pesto

3 Chopped Sundried Tomatoes

Sprinkle of Dried Chillis (to your taste)

1 Teaspoon Capers

Parmesan (to your taste)

It’s super simple to make all you need to do is

-       first chop your sundried tomatoes into small pieces to sprinkle over at the end

-       use your spiralizer (link to my favourite at the bottom of this post) to create long thing spaghetti like courgetti, then pop into the microwave   for about a minute

-       Pat the courgetti with a paper towel/tea towel as there is a far bit of water that comes from the courgettes

-       Spoon your pesto onto your courgetti and mix

-       Add your capers, dried chilli and sundried tomatoes

-       Plate it and pop some parmesan on top.


So simple. I hope you like the sound of this and try it soon. It’s nothing too crazy but if you liked this do let me know and Im sure I can show you a few more healthy meal ideas. Let me know how you make your courgetti over on my instagram or twitter @blaisedyer


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My favourite kind of spiralizer are just the hand held ones because they're super cheap, easy to use and also easy to clean. This is the one I have.




Blaise Ruby 



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