August 6, 2017

My Fitness Story: Why I tried weight training and will never turn back…


"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right"

Now this really rings home for me, because for so many years I was a member of a gym and never stepped foot on the actual gym floor or even touched a weight. That’s not to say I didn’t workout, but I stuck to what I knew and what I could do and where I felt safe: The swimming pool. Day in day out, year in year out  - I swam length after length. When I say day after day – I was literally kicked out on Christmas eve one year. But I really wanted to just step up the stairs and into the gym, try something new and test myself, but something was stopping me. I was so scared I didn’t have a clue what to do in there! I was too afraid to stand out as the girl that could barely run for two minutes on the running machine or the girl with such lack of muscle that the smallest weight would weigh me down.


Trainers - Nike - CLICK HERE FOR LINK

One day, something clicked and I headed in there. I, at first, stuck to the cross trainer as I felt it was great vantage point to suss out the gym set up, see what others were doing and also not look too stupid. After a couple of months, I'd gained some confidence and tried out some classes. But things got boring and my body really didn’t change much from just endless cardio. I wasn’t looking for a huge over haul but I wanted to build some muscle and get some definition. Now, in the rest of my life I feel Im a very confident person, this lack of confidence in the gym was something I wanted to get over. So one day I asked my younger brother (an avid gym goer) to show me the ropes. And I have never turned back… 




To me trying out lifting weights and making use of all the gym had to offer was not only a great thing for me physically, but I’ve found it’s translated to the rest of my life. If you believe in more for yourself, you’ll get there. You just have to start. You might have to overcome a few hurdles, be that nerves or even just struggling with the exercises to start with, but what it definitely has taught me is that perseverance pays off. Now I don’t just keep confined to the gym floor, you’ll find when you know what exercises you can do and what muscles you actually can work, you can head out anywhere with your equipment (or even without) and feel confident that you’ll have a strong and satisfying workout. 

Image taken at One LDN

If you too love my outfit, check out the below images and just click on them to be taken to the Nike website and each item! You can read more about my outfit at the end.


So you might be reading this and thinking ‘I’m not looking for huge biceps and chunky muscley thighs thanks’ – well I certainly don’t think I have either. Even if I am trying to grow my arm muscles. What I’ve got right now I’ve worked very hard for. So if you are scared of 'getting big'; the best thing to do is more repetitions on a smaller weight, and if you do want to get bigger, start getting heavier and heavier weights but less repetitions. But just incase I’ve not convinced you yet… let me tell you a few reasons why lifting weights shouldn’t be shunned just yet and how this can extend to the rest of your life.


I love this cute bra top (find it here) paired with the matching bottoms (found here) for the gym. Super flattering, comfortable and a gorgeous print. 

Above image taken at One LDN Imperial Wharf - Here 

  1. It helps you handle stress better! So studies have found that in a stressful situation, people with more muscle’s blood pressure returns to normal faster than those with less muscle. You’re stronger inside and out!
  2. I’ve found myself feeling a whole lot happier and this has also been supported with research. Weight training three times a week for six months improves your overall mood and lowers anger.
  3. I’ve found weight training has made it easier to switch off and wind down when youre on holiday. When you start off feeling super strong and fit, you don’t feel so bad about not hitting the gym everyday. Muscle definition and strength doesn’t die off suddenly, so you can afford yourself a full holiday off if you need it. 


4. You burn more calories after your workout too. Doing total body workouts, using big muscle movements increases our metabolism after the workout, this is because after strength workouts your muscles need energy to repair fibres.

5. I find it much more interesting. Moving around the gym, trying out different exercises, weights or machines is a lot more fun for me than endless treadmill pounding. When I stick to one cardio workout I find my brain realises its working out and gets bored easily, however when Im weight training Im actually more engaged and I find workouts quicker and whole lot more interesting.

6. Great for goal setting. It’s really helped show me that you can set a goal, work for it and you will achieve it, both in the gym and out. Results aren’t miraculous but you do get there and they’re clear to see, be that in your body or in the weight you can lift. 

If you’ve read my blog or followed my instagram for a while, you’ll know that one of the major motivations for me is active wear. I feel so much stronger and confident in an outfit I love. Matching sets are my favourite. My whole outfit is Nike and it’s the perfect gym attire. I love the pattern to the leggings especially because it doesn't do that annoying thing where it cuts into your leg making you bulge in tall the wrong places. It slips on perfectly and gives you elongated elegant legs, whilst also looking pretty cool (if i do say so myself).


I love this set because I prefer a higher waist band - cinches you in all the right places and makes you feel secure that whatever position you're in you'll feel nice and sucked in. The top has the fab little cut out detailing at the front but lets not forget that awesome Nike logo at the back. 

Onto trainers - Im a pure Nike girl when it comes to workout trainers. This pair are literally like socks with a sole. Honestly the most comfortable and supportive pair I've ever owned. 


You can find the exact products linked down below – all you have to do is click on the images and you will be taken to the right place!

I hope you guys liked this post and that it’s inspired you to try something new in the gym and if you’re not a weight training kinda gal, to get in there and give it a go! You never know, you might love it.

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This post was sponsored by Nike X Reward Style. All views are my own. 

The inside Gym Shots were taken at ONE LDN gym in Imperial Wharf head to their website HERE




Blaise Ruby 



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