May 5, 2016

Exploring Londons Gyms 2: Aquallure


The concept of aquallure was appealing to me right from the beginning as it combines two of my favourite ways of working out: spinning and swimming! Et voila I've pretty much summed up for you what you'll be doing at one of their classes – a spinning class in water.

My bike at the class


This idea is that you get your cardio workout without the harshness on your joints and with added resistance (12 times stronger than working out on land!).  It’s been hugely successful all round Europe and so when I got the opportunity to go I was so excited.

The class took place in the pool at the Crown Plaza at the Docklands, but is open to both hotel members and other people. I would recommend definitely booking in advance as they operate with small classes to ensure that the pool isn’t too crowded and you get the amount of attention you require. 

Outside the Crown Plaza - The Docklands on such a lovely day in London

Just before my class I sat here contemplating the glorious day and what I had in store


When I’d arrived I got changed into my swimming costume and felt slightly worried that I hadn’t read the brief enough…did I need something else?! Was I meant to have shoes? Did I need shorts? Goggles? Turns out I didn’t need any of that. All you need is yourself in some comfortable swim clothes, so my swimming costume was perfect! The instructor was super friendly and took me straight to a bike to get measured up. At this point the bikes were all out of the water and I was interested to see they looked so simple. Just a normal spin bike without the mechanical bits (Im not entirely sure of the technical name there) and with simple pedals to slot your feet into. Once the instructor had set the bike to your right height. Note: I would let the instructor do this, I spin regularly but the height of the seat is a little different to make sure you’re working enough under water. 

Me on my bike - excuse the hot face & swim hair


When track two came on we did sprints of 30 seconds, which absolutely burns your thighs and gives a feeling I’ve never had before with spinning. The class is said to burn up to 800 calories an hour and really help improve your endurance. I can totally see this being the case. What’s great is that you can feel the water providing support for your body, muscles, bones and joints so fast paced spinning is much easier to do. You work hard, in a gentle way!

We were soon standing up in our bikes, trying two counts standing, two counts sitting. Where you can really feel the burn. Our ‘rest’ was pedaling at a medium pace and moving on to our arms. We were pulsing our arms in the water or stretching them and making circles. I loved that this wasn’t just a workout for your legs and bottom, even if at the time I was dying for a rest. Halfway through the class we even got an ab workout, by lifting our legs to the handlebars and allowing the water to keep you from falling we started to do crunches and side pulses to combat our abs too! After getting off our bikes to do some work on our arms using the side of the pool and then some squats and jumps, it was time for a few more sprints and a cool down. I can honestly say that the water was definitely hiding the amount we were all sweating. I drank 2 litres of water during the class and left with a warm, satisfied feeling. Ready to jump straight into bed!

The Pool - open also for swimmers and hotel members, but cornered off for the spin class.


I’d totally do this again, it’s the kind of thing I think once or twice a week would be not only a great cardio workout but a fun one too. But its also definitely once you have to try at least once. You gotta go! 

Head to the Aquallure website for more info here and to book classes.

Hope you liked instalment two of my London gym exploration, theres more to come so stay tuned!





Although my class at aquallure was complimentary, my enthusiasm is all mine.





Blaise Ruby 



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