August 14, 2017

Summers Ending - Invest in a Jumpsuit


Summer is well and truly coming to an end, so that is a sad time for our wardrobes in my opinion. Im much more of a summer clothes kinda gal. I prefer dresses, skirts and jumpsuits to jeans, leggings and jumpers. Whilst we might not be able to get away with little summer dresses anymore, jumpsuits are another story...

August is a tricky month - we get some hot days, some cold ones and some absolutely awful ones here in England, so how do we dress for it? Well theres no one rule but I think finding something that transcends the limitations of just your summer wardrobe is a must. Thats why I love jumpsuits towards the end of the summer. They're warm enough, they can be dressed up or dressed down, you can layer them and they will also do you just fine if we are lucky enough for a hot summers day. 

I've opted for this slightly more summer looking one as I did purchase it at the beginning of summer. I love that it gives off sort of sailor vibes and the ruffle layered upper half is very on trend for what seems to have been the whole of 2017. So Ive paired this with some statement heels and a bright clutch to add some colour to the monochrome outfit. This would be a great daytime look for an event or a cocktail party. Dress it down with sandals and a monochrome bag.

So how does this work for winter? Take the same jumpsuit and add a cropped black jacket or blazer et voila you have a fab cute (and warm enough) going out ensemble. You could even try what I did for LFW and add a little turtle neck underneath (in this case I'd try a black one) to add a little layering and depth to the outfit. Also additional warm for a daytime autumn look. 

My LFW outfit blog post with turtle neck and jumpsuit - click here

So if you're stuck for august and september fashion - try taking your summer outfits and extending them through to autumn. How can you make the most out of your wardrobe and create some fab statement pieces. 

For more statement looks try this post on statement coats - Click here

Jumpsuits are a seriously easy outfit. If like me you like to make a statement with your outfit choice, but actually being comfortable and enjoying your day is also up there on your criteria... a jumpsuit is the easiest way to achieve both of those things. I love when an outfit consists of very few items so jumpsuits and maxi dresses are definitely a go to for me. 

To see a blog post featuring my favourite maxi dress of this summer - Click here

Where are some of your favourite places to go for jumpsuits?






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Blaise Ruby 



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