October 20, 2015

Strap yourself in. Shoe inspiration.


Lace up, gladiator style heels and boots.

I just made this purchase from Senso and I LOVE THEM. So things I love.... I love the way they look which is a fab start; Im all about this lace up trend. I love the thicker heel, making them sturdy, me less likely to fall and far more comfy. I love the colour...the dappled grey goes with a vast amount of outfits both dark and colourful and are perfect for day to night transitions. ANDDDD I love how comfy they are, the shape is amazing and struggling with having wide yet small feet my whole life these are totally ideal! I must mention no one actually paid me to write this, although maybe they should have, cos have i sold them to you yet?! 


So this got me to thinking. I love this style of shoe and I wanted to share it with my readers! The next pair of shoes I bought during the summer time and go with so many outfits. These are from Missguided. There's a slight price difference between them so if you're looking to save, I'd head to missguided over Senso for their array of strappy/lace up heels. 

Now for some further strappy heel shoe porn....indulge. 

More places to check out if you want to purchase your own

Pretty Little Thing

Public Desire

Senso on Asos

River Island


Jeffrey Campbell




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