March 16, 2017

Romantic Blouses & Bright Colours | Ageless Style: Mothers Day Series


So todays post is the second in my ageless style series to celebrate mothers day. Im looking at the romantic frilled blouses that were huge at fashion weeks round the world and don’t seem to be going anywhere this Spring/Summer. I wanted to show that regardless of age you can rock the most current trends and do it in your own unique way. There is nothing that is out of bounds for your age group, whatever your age its all about the styling. So don’t be afraid whether you’re a daughter, mother or even a grandmother. In the run up to mothers day – challenge yourself to something you might otherwise be worried to try out. Don't forget if you like any of the items I try to link the exact item, or similar at the bottom of this page.

So I really like the preppy– usually with over the knee socks, but with this very changeable weather I find over the knee boots give the preppy vibes but better for the weather. I’m wearing this ruffled top that I’m obsessed with at the moment – its super flattering with the cinched in waist and the sleeves are what make it really on trend right now. I paired this with my red tennis skirt. I tend to like to stick with the same kinds of colours, so here I stuck to whites and reds with my whole look. I think this creates a more striking and interesting outfit. 


This ma momma. And she is wearing some amazing red peg trousers. Peg trousers are not a new thing but they’ve become massive in the recent seasons. They’re basically the more flattering sister of the skinny jeans. Peg trousers skin your legs rather than cling and create a more flattering silhouette. This means theyre so great for many different body types. Since nothing in fashion is done low key – the more exaggerated the shape – the better! The more pleats – the better!  These peg trousers fit at the perfect height for my mum as they elongate her legs as they’re semi high waisted and taper off at the ankle, making her legs appear slim underneath and super long!


A cute hat never goes a miss I say! With short hair I think sometimes it feels like we will miss out on so many hat opportunities, particularly caps, beanies and ones that generally look best on those with hair flowing out of the bottom! However - as I said no style is out of bounds for any age group and that means any hair style too. Its just about finding what suits you. This little hat at first I thought made it look like i lacked any hair at all. Now I love this cute hat and I see it as more of a vintage swim hat kind of vibe. The little bow on the side adds to the preppy look i was going for. So remember if you see something that you think 'doesn't suit you' try hats in that style but with different features. I think its the bow that makes this better for me. So you never know what it is that'll do it for you too!


My mums hat I love its sort of Russian ski vibes and again is surprisingly flattering on short hair. The hat just changes from being something you stick ontop of hair to the statement itself. It almost becomes your hair in a really cool way! 

The ruffles on this top are amazing and the fact that its a loose fitting blouse helps with the styling of the peg trousers. Everything is slouchy but cinched in in just the right places. 

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Blouse - Next

Trousers - Finery

Hat - Unknown

Brogues - Topshop

If I could find these I have linked them at the bottom, or find similar items instead.

I hope you guys liked this post and I'll link the items I can below. 

Blaise xoxo

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