October 31, 2015

Patterned Pants!


Patterned pants for day or night...

Finding something that transitions well from day to night is hard to find. But these American Apparel patterned disco pants I've found to be perfect (as well as so so comfy)! These are the classic disco pants from American Apparel which you've probably seen on every girl in a club at uni or anyone within the range of 18 - 23 years old, and the fact they are comfy, flattering and easy is probably why. However, I think the patterned versions are a lot more fun. The wool coat dresses them down, but pairing with heels dresses them up. Leave the coat and hat at the door for an easy evening look. 

My outfit:

Hat - Topshop

Coat - Zara

Trousers - American Apparel 

Heels - Senso 

Bag - (Its my mums! Shh)

So here are some similar items if you like this look or at least like a few items, so I found some similar for ya!  

1. American Apparel Printed Disco Pants

2. H & M Wool Hat

3. Senso Taffy Ice Lizard Lace Up Heels

4. Monki Collarless Tailored Coat


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Blaise xoxo


(photos - Spencer Mcpherson http://mcphersonstevens.com

Makeup - Holly Power https://www.facebook.com/hollypowermua/?pnref=story ) 




Blaise Ruby 



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