March 9, 2017

Boyfriend Jeans & Grey Tailoring | Ageless Style: Mothers Day Series


Don’t be alarmed mothers day isn’t here just yet, if you haven’t bought your flowers, present, card or whatever it is you treat yo momma too, do not fret – I am merely warning you it is on its way. Mothers day is the 26th of March here in the UK.

So I decided to celebrate mothers day with a little series of posts with, no other than, my mother. One of the most stylish people I know – she works as a stylist, personal trainer and owns idyllic properties in the Cotswolds for holiday rentals, whilst also being an absolutely glorious best friend and momma. So a pretty cool woman I’m sure you’ll agree. So I thought I’d real her in for what I like to call an ‘ageless style’ series. Showing you that whatever age you are or whether you’re a mother, a daughter, or even a grandmother you can keep up with trends and there’s nothing that is ‘out of bounds’ for your age group. It’s all about how you wear it and what you style it with. 

So the first in the series is looking at a super casual trend – the boyfriend jean. So many people might think this is an unflattering look and one that isn’t for everyone. By no means is every trend perfect for everyone, but it’s worth a try and here is a suggestion for you. 

For this brisk weather you still need to wrap up, but the days are getting the tiniest bit cooler, so lighter jackets are becoming much more wearable. I’ve worn my boyfriend jeans with this grey tight turtle neck and this grey jacket I LOVE, it’s slouchy and casual but also so structured that it really enhances an outfit. I’ve popped on this hat for a really easy stylish day look. 


My mum has the EXACT same boyfriend jeans on, cos WHY NOT? We both bought the same pair (all products will be linked at the bottom).  And she’s paired with a turtleneck jumper too. Her grey sleeveless jacket is a little longer so it can hide any areas you’re not comfortable with. It just reveals the slouchy bottom of your jeans, to get that toned down casual jean look. 


The cinched in waist is also great for creating a silhouette and making you feel more confident when wearing more oversized clothing elsewear. Although my mum doesn’t have a pear shaped figure – this sort of look would actually be really great for those that are of a more pearshaped body type. That way you accentuate your waist and hide the bigger areas. 


For accessories – I’ve gone for my Sophie Hulme bag and additional pompom for an extra pop of fun in this similar toned outfit. Im also wearing my axel arigato shoes, I love these not only for the way they look but also how flattering they are. They are slightly wedged so elongate your legs and give you a little extra height and hey – who doesn’t want their legs to be juuuust that bit longer.


My mums accessorised with this fun hat – the different cut on this is an easy way to add some style and interest to your outfit. Especially if you’re wanting to add some quirkiness to your wardrobe, but don’t feel like you want to go too crazy – a hat is an easy and achievable way for anyone to make a statement. 


So this watch is kinda ridiculous its so massive, but it’s a real statement piece. And hey – when you think about it… Super helpful too! If you’re the kinda mother who needs their glasses for everything (aka my mum) then a huge watch is also a god send. So why not have style as well as practicality! Find them here 

So this mothers day – whether you’re thinking about your mum and her wardrobe, or whether you’re reading this as a mother yourself. Don’t forget – you can rock whatever trends you want to! Take some time to check out the current trends – ones you’re not sure are for ‘your age group’ and challenge yourself to this ageless style challenge. 

Oh and remember to LOVE YOUR MOMMMAAA. 

Shoutout to my mother for this post. I hope you all liked this and it gives you some inspiration on how to style boyfriend jeans at whatever age you are or just some motivation to push yourself to try something new. Let me know if you liked this over on my twitter/instagram @blaisedyer


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Blaise Ruby 



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