March 3, 2017

What's In my Makeup Bag Everyday


Okay so you may well have just seen I posted my second ever youtube video on Wednesday which I will link at the bottom if you want to watch and it was a ‘What’s in my bag?” post. Well today’s blog post is kinda similar, but it’s looking at whats in my everyday makeup bag. Now I’m not actually one that carries a makeup bag around with them. Tbh if my makeup wears off in the day, YOLO, it’s worn off and the poor public around me see my au natural face. We are all human. But I thought I’d share with you the items I use daily and the ones that stick in my ‘everyday makeup storage’. I should totally rename this post. But its just not as catchy.

So I have so far always stuck with the same foundation. The Lancome teint idole ultra 24hr. Now when im watching beauty bloggers talking about ‘long lasting’, ‘all day’ ’24 hour’ makeup – I have to admit I’m like GOD NO. That sound awful and thick and too much. But I actually never even really read that it was 24 hour foundation. Which for me, is great because I wasn’t put off. But also great because I tried something I wouldn’t have if I’d been observant and ever since the first bottle (I’ve probably used 100’s by now!) I’ve been hooked. I use shade 03. They have recently just changed their packaging a little but the formula is all the same, BUT they’ve added something like 15 new shades. So girls of all skin colours – go check it out. It’s so soft, not drying, super sensitive and long lasting without feeling thick and heavy. It’s a medium coverage and I LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

For concealer I use without fail the Maybelline anti age eraser eye concealer. Literally type ‘maybelline concealer’ into google – this will be the first to pop up. It’s one of those hero products and I fell into the trap and I cant and don’t really want to climb out. It’s an incredible price from boots at like £8 and I’ve tried a whole host of other expensive concealers like By Terry etc and I genuinely just prefer this one. The application is perfect – the sponge helps it glide on easily rather than what some do and sort of swipe and wipe it all off in streaks. It’s thin but covers all the dark circles and has great pigmentation to the concealer. Most days I don’t wear foundation and just put this under my eyes, just below my eyebrows and a little on my nose. It’s hydrating, lasts all day and blends so well. So it’s great for those who don’t need foundation too.

The other concealer you will see in that gold pen – looks like YSL but it’s actually from Clarins. This is one I use ontop of my Maybelline one on days when I want to properly contour or just up my concealer game more. So for days when I want to make a real effort or maybe nights out. It’s a super pigmented colour, and much thicker. You don’t need much product but its incredible how light and open it makes your eyes. The fact that the product is a bit thicker is the reason this is my everyday but not every day makeup product. 

For mascara I use the Lancome Hypnose. I generally switch between the new types of mascara brushes that lancome bring out, but usually revert to this old fave. It never fails to give those long long lashes, my mascara is never crumbly (absolutely hate that) and never any irritation. 

Okay for blush – I always thought I was a bobbi brown blush only kinda gal. Then I picked up this Revlon cheapy product at boots one day because that pink just looked so great! And oh my goodness. I am obsessed. I like pinky tones, rather than brown or too light. This is the sweetest colour and looks so natural on. The colour comes out perfectly and you don’t need too much. Unlike some cheap blush products – this one lasts well too.

Ah this old favourite. You may have seen this a few times. The Barry M contour kit. I don’t ‘contour’ my face as such, but I’ve found the lightest colour in the set is the perfect shade for lightening your undereye and ridge of your nose. It brightens over the top of your concealer and works as a setting powder perfectly. I use the middle shade for just under my cheek bones and minimal product is needed because you get a lot of colour from a small amount of product. I never use the darkest shade as it’s a little too dark and can look not that great on me. But hey – it might suit you! 

Bronzer – I’ve been using this clarins summer edition bronzer since the summer time. I cant put it away. I sweep in a nice round circle to get all the different shades onto my brush. I find it the most natural coloured bronzer and it’s very pigmented, unlike some where you’ve got to really persuade the product to come off on your skin. This one glides and leaves the perfect natural tan look.

For brushes – I use a beauty blender to apply foundation when I wear it, and also to blend my concealer. I use bobbie brown blush and bronzer brushes for the other products mentioned.

I must not forget my ultimate essential – my moisturiser. I always use this aveeno moisturiser day and night and as a primer because it’s so sensitive and leaves my skin moisturised, fresh and bright.

Let me know what's in your everyday makeup bag? Have you got any of these products. I will link them below if you'd like to find out more about them - just click on the images.

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Blaise xox

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