August 30, 2017

Top Up Your Tan! Best Tanning Products.


If you love that golden glow you get in the summer time as much as me, you'll want to get your hands on some of these glorious products I've found. I'm going to run you through my favourite products to keep hold of any natural tan you've got already, something to prep your skin for self tanning and also my fave fake tan products as well.


So I've been on a few trips away recently, which you'll know if you follow me over on instagram, and therefore I've acquired a little summmmin summin in the way of bronzed skin. Now I try to keep any colour I have for as long as possible. So moisturise, moisturise, moisturise is pretty much my summer motto. 

Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent - Dry Oil

I love oils but HATE how you can leave a sort of slimy residue when you sit on a chair, on your clothes and just generally feel a bit slippery (not cute right). So I have found my FAVOURITE product of the summer... The Guerlain Terracotta Dry Oil. Honestly...oh my goodness. Life changer.  It can be used for your hair, body and face but I mainly use it to moisturise after the sun and pretty much every day after a shower.  


Why do I love this? 

1. Because its dry oil it doesn't leave you with all the negatives of oils I mentioned previously. 

2. It smells delicious.

3. It has a long lasting moisturising effect, the same as using a non dry oil.

4. It holds my tan for a long time.


Find the Terracotta Dry Oil HERE


St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Primer

So if you havent managed to get away in the sun this summer or if you just opt for a sunless tan (much better - go you!) its best to prep your skin so its silky smooth and your false tanner will glide on and not stick to any dry areas of skin. So I us this St Moriz exfoliator. St Moritz is a very affordable brand and one I've used for a long time with just the false tanners but I find it makes a huge different to prep your skin so its ready for the product. 

Why I love this product:

1. It's under 5 pounds. No more explanation needed.

2. Smells delicious.

3. Its in a squeezey tube so theres no scooping and spilling.

4. It doesn't leave your skin dry and scratched, its very soothing afterwards. 

Link to the St Moriz Exfoliator HERE



So you can't wait, you're off to an event and you want to be a tanned goddess in a matter of minute. Okay Ive got you sorted. 

Model Co Instant Tanner

So lets start with the furthest to the right by Model Co (find here). This is again a very affordable brand that can be found at boots or super drug. I chose the darkest shade because I feel when you're in a rush I just prefer that. I use less effort and layers than if I had a lighter shade.

Why I love this product:

1. It has Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil so you'll be super hydrated as well as a bronzed beauty.

2. Smells great - A really coconutty scent.

3. Easy for beginners or those lacking time. I havent found it streaky at all. 

4. The tan will develop for the next 4 - 6 hours so you can glide a quick layer on and know you'll be working up a gorgeous tan. 

Find the Model Co Instant tanner Here.

St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula

Okay so when I was sent this I was so excited because this was actually the brand i used all throughout uni, so I chucked out my old bottle and made way for the advanced formula. I think the only difference is in its moisturising qualities. I found the previous products were great for tanning but a little drying, whereas I don't find that with the advanced formula. 

Apparently it even contains break through fragrance technology that results (proven results!) show that the smell can enhance your mood. Now I cannot totally confirm that Ive noticed a difference haha. But hey - research is research! 

Why I love this product:

1. I know the shade Im going to get as I've used it for years and its one I really like, a deep brown and not at all orange. 

2. I actually love the smell of the previous bottle and this one. 

3. Easy foam application.

4. A drug store product.

Find it HERE

Guerlain Terracotta Sunless (standing up right) - Find here

If you've followed me for a while you'll know Im a huge fan of Guerlain's products for summer. The smell is so luxurious, the tones just perfect and the odd glimmer here and then give you that extra luxe feel. So this is a very light weight mist and you can build intensity with the amount of applications you do. It's a pretty translucent colour on application so if you were to spray it directly into your hand it would look sort of white, but as it hits your skin its quickly absorbed to make the gorgeous golden glow. You don't need a mit so its super easy. 

Guerlain Jolie Jambes (lying down) - Find here

Solving the problem of wanting to wear a skirt but the dread of pasty legs. This is a tinted lotion basically that as well as giving a golden look, also helps to blur out minor skin blemishes. It makes a really flawless golden look. Whats fab is that you don't need a mit and the application works immediately!

These two are both on the more expensive side but they're definitely something I'd get again for the summer months. The smell is lie no other tanning product out there.  



Tan Luxe Hydra Mousse

Okay so I've been super excited to write about this product and my other absolute favourite which you'll find a bit later on that is also from Tan Luxe. This brand has done something AMAZING. The translucent tanner means that you can sleep in the product, leaving not one ounce of fake tan on your sheets and wake up that golden goddess you've always wanted to be. This is a very boyfriend friendly product. I swear boyfriends hate the fake tan sheet saga. 

Why I love this product:

1. DUH the coolness of the clear product.

2. It also ACTUALLY WORKS. The tan is perfect the next day, despite it looking totally clear the evening before. It feels like magic. 

3. Smells gorgeous.

4. That packaging! 

Find the Hydra Mousse from Tan Luxe HERE


Tan Luxe Sleep Oil

Ok so this is my favourite of the bunch in terms of actual tanners. I was so so impressed. Again this has the translucent tanner inside and you just pop a few drops of this gorgeously luxurious product onto your face. You can either mix it in with a bit of your moisturiser or simply use alone. It feels very hydrating and oily like a serum and you go to bed feeling heavenly and wake up with a moisturised and tanned face. Its honestly wonderful. Since using this I've bought it as a gift for a couple of people! 

Find it here

This is the pipette style applicator. The reason its called sleep oil is for the exact reason I mentioned, you can sleep in your sheet without transferring any product onto your white bed sheets and its also something you wouldnt apply in the day time, unless you like that oily look!

Find the tan luxe sleep oil HERE.

Why i love this product:

1. Easy application.

2. Smells heavenly.

3. Not just the perfect tan but also highly hydrating. 

4. BEAUTIFUL packaging again.

Xen - Tan Fresh Face Tan

More of a double use product; a moisturiser and a sunless tanner. Its a wonderful product for those that have sensitive skin as it contains natural ingredients and is paraben free so I don't feel at all worried about apply this on my face. It leaves a gorgeous natural glow, not too dark and never streaky. 

Why I love this product:

1. Super sensitive

2. Lightweight and tans you in just 3 hours. 

3. Light vanilla scent during application which dies down as you wear it. 

Find Xen Tan here

I hope you guys liked this post and it'll help give you that extra little glow as the summer comes to an end. Who says we shouldn't be golden goddesses all year round!? 

I have linked the products through but below will be a photo of the products I could find and you can click to be taken to the website should you wish to find out more about them or even get your hands on them too. Let me know what tanning must haves you love over on instagram/twitter @blaisedyer. 

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Blaise Ruby 



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