November 29, 2016

Top 5 Festive Red Lipsticks


For me the perfect time for red lips is winter and Christmas time. I’ve been sporting the red lip a lot recently and plan on continuing this well into December. Although I love wearing red lips all year round, it feels extra Christmassy around this time of the year. So I thought what better than to show you the select few I am chopping and changing between as of late.

Most of these lipsticks are more matte colours simply because I am more of a matte lipstick wearer. Matte red is so easy to wear, because with such a bright colour you want something that’s going to last all day without smudging.

However having said this my most worn lipstick at the moment is definitely the luxurious shiny red from Lancome. 

Red lips definitely don’t have to be kept for a special occasion, don’t leave it to Gwen Stefani to rock the red all day errryday. We can all channel our inner Gwen. I like more simplistic eye looks for red lips during the day. I tend to just go for bright open eyes – mascara and no other makeup. Or for a nighttime look, sweep a liquid eyeliner flick et voila, you’re ready for a night out. 

1. Mac Matte Lipstick (Shade - Russian Red):

Absolutely in love with this for the past year. Mac products never let us down! I love the colour and the long lasting nature of the product. Its such a classic strong red colour. The only downfall of this, as with most of Mac’s matte lip products is that they are super drying so I find it can be a little uncomfortable by the end of the day. 

2. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (Shade - Red Square):

This is another matte finish lip colour. Nars is such a fab makeup brand so you can only expect the quality to be great so it’s of course non-drying and very creamy. I like the fact that this comes in a pencil so its like a giant lip liner for precision but takes less time than filling in your whole lip. The colour is less of a bright bright red, but a little darker and extremely flattering on your skin. 

3. Ciate Liquid Velvet Matte Lipstick (Shade - Diva):

This is from Ciate’s mini 3 piece liquid velvet set, they popped Diva in as it’s one of their best sellers and it’s not hard to see why. It’s such a classic bright bright red which I love. The great thing about this liquid lip stick is that it’s combined with hyaluronic acid for lip conditioning benefits that help your lips look fuller, smoother and not to mention the matte colour is super long lasting. So you don’t feel at all dried out, which can often happen with liquid lipsticks. A little product goes a long way with this one so the fact that it’s a mini product is not a problem.

4. Lancome Colour Fever (Shade - 151): 

The one I’ve been wearing non stop recently. Im loving the shine! There’s something so special about this colour for both daytime and evening looks. 

5. Nyx Matte Lipstick (Shade - Bloody Mary) :

Now I was so excited to try all of NYX products but was disappointed with lots of the liquid lipsticks and the shades I’d chosen. I picked this matte lipstick up on a whim and its been a really pleasant surprise. For the money as well this is a great product. Not as long lasting but this shade is more of a pink/orange red which is very flattering on darker skin and for those with darker hair. This is a must have when looking for an interesting and stand out lip colour that doesn’t break the bank. 

I hope you guys liked this post, don't forget to let me know over on twitter or instagram I love hearing what you all think. Also let me know what your favourite red lipstick is! 





Blaise Ruby 



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