June 28, 2016

Summer Shimmer: Summer Makeup & Jewellery


Summer is well and truly under way... or what we British can call a 'Summer'. I was lucky enough to have just been to Mykonos so I got my dose of sunshine, lets hope England can pull something out of the bag soon. Anyway, seeing as I managed to get a little colour on my travels I thought I would update my beauty posts, with a little summer makeup. I spent my days doing some 'research' for the best highlighters and shimmery bronzers to create that golden look we all want in summer. So let me show you the products Im loving at the moment after much experimentation and (important) research.

I like to keep my summer look fairly simple, Im not wearing foundation here just some moisturiser, highlighters I will list and bronzer. 

Note the best thing for even more of a summery glow is to have some sparkly jewels to contrast with your tan. My earrings, necklace and bracelet are all from Lily and Rose Where you guys can get 15% off their items if you use the code blaisedyer15 and Im in love with all of it! They are a lovely Swedish brand who are making a name for themselves over here in England now too. 

Now onto makeup. As I say I moisturise first in the summer, not only to keep my skin hydrated but as I don't use foundation I find its quite good for a little base and it keeps my bronzer and shimmer in place. So the products I can't live without right now:

1. Benefit - Lemon Aid Concealer - £16.50

2. Urban Decay - Shimmering Powder for Face & body - £22.50

3. Clarins - Bronzer & Blush Compact - £30

4. Nars - Pure Matte Lipstick - £21

5. Clarins - Instant Light Brush-On Perfector - £25.50

6. Boots No.7 - Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter - £9.95

I have to say Im absolutely love the No.7 bronzing highlighter and for the price and quality, its definitely worth a purchase if you're unsure of how to use one of these kinds of highlighters or even not sure if want one! I was in that very position, but Im so pleased with the ease of this product, the shimmer and the subtle tone. My extremely close second favourite product of the moment is the Clarins bronzer and blush compact. The look of this is gorgeous and the pigment is amazing, one swipe of your brush is plenty without looking too dark. I was worried about how to use it because of the shimmer as well as the blusher and bronzer being all in one. Im used to separate bronzer and blusher. However... Im converted, theres no odd pinkness from the blusher in random places (as i suspected) and the shimmer isn't too much at all. The urban decay shimmering powder for your face and body is a newbie to my makeup collection and never used before. I love this on my collar bones and tops of shoulders for an evening look.


Finally in the below picture I included my W7 eye shadow palette, called Lightly Toasted, that I use for my eyes in the summer months. I think the golden tones are perfectly for tanned skin and work well with my brown eyes. At under £10 I was so happy with this as a Naked Urban Decay dupe. The lemon aid product from benefit I use underneath the eye shadow to even out my skin tone and hold the eye shadow in place.  

Below are more of my Lily and Rose pieces that you can find here and don't forget to use blaisedyer15 for 15% off any of the pieces. 


Hope you liked this post and if you want to know anymore summer makeup hints and tips or products give me a comment on my latest instagram. Alternatively if you think you have something to teach me, please do! 

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Blaise Ruby 



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