June 5, 2017

Summer Beauty Must Haves. Summer Makeup.


So I don’t often switch up my everyday makeup and beauty products, but recently I’ve noticed that a lot of my go to products have been moved out of the way for a few newbies. Just in time for summer. So I thought, hey, this calls for a lil’ whats in my beauty cabinet for summer blog post. So lets. Get. Going.

So first up – HELLO. How gorgeous is this terracotta sun trio palette from Guerlain? 

I was lucky enough to go to the launch of these new terracotta products and I got a few – so I’ve managed to keep this one looking as cute and pretty as it came! But aside from what it looks like, I love this product. It’s basically their first bronzer and contour powder in one palette. It’s perfect for popping in your makeup bag or handbag and youre ready to roll. You’ve got the three different shades to use to highlight and also bronze. But what I love also is the finish. This palette is a matte one and super pigmented so you don’t need to scrub at it to try and find some colour on the end of your brush. One sweep is enough product. The terracotta bronzers are the best and such gorgeous shades, so this contour palette is just OOFF a step in the right direction by Guerlain. A definite must try!

Read my post on the summer launches for Guerlain HERE

Next up – concealer for the summer. So this isn’t a summer exclusive or particularly new. I usually use the Maybelline concealer but I love to switch it up in the summer to this Clarins concealer. I just find it a lot lighter, which may sound funny because we want to be more tanned in the summer, but I just find this colour works really well with a tan. It lasts a lot longer and yeah basically I just think it’s a fab concealer and you get a good wear out of it! 

Okay so this is definitely a new addition to my beauty products for the summer. It’s the ‘precisely my brow’ from Benefit, which I got recently. I don’t do much to my brows as they’re naturally busy and sort of tame. Sort of being key. Now we all aren’t perfect and I’m totally up for changing things up and trying something new, so when I was given this I was so excited. The inner bits of my eyebrows tend to be a bit sparse and stick up, so I thought hey why not give this little pencil a go. And …. Oh. My. Gosh. I was actually Ok at applying it and it looked totally normal and dare I say it… good! The colour of this pencil isn’t at all offensive which I find so many I’ve tested in the past, to be. It’s so thin so you aren’t playing ‘sharpie the brows in’ and theres a little spoolie on one end so any mistakes. Brush those through girl. Anyway this is a newbie to the beauty products and YES GIRL I LOVE. 

Primers. Ok so if you watched my recent new in beauty video (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THAT) you will have seen me trying out this hourglass primer and LOVING it. It’s so silky smooth, literally heaven, and you don’t need that much product. Honestly my skin feels silky smooth and so hydrated after using this primer. I find my foundation looks a whole lot more flawless and less creasing under my eyes. Win. 

New eyeshadow palette for summer thanks to Clarins. How gorgeous are these shades! I love a gorgeous orange shade for summer. I think it actually really suits brown hair and brown eyes and looks really sun kissed and bronzed. 

Ok so I couldn’t just stick to makeup for this post because Im OBSESSED with this perfume. Sorry to all the other products but this is my favourite newbie summer product. It’s by House of Worth and oh my gosh! You have to smell this. I love really just one scent by Guerlain called L’instant de Guerlain which I’ve said about a million times. But BUT I have been reaching for this one everytime at the moment and the amount of compliments I get on how I smell is crazy. So this was a limited edition scent inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast and the aim was to raise awareness of conscious beauty and literary empowerment in the 21st century. Which is why this gorgeous fragrance (both in terms of smell and look) was presented in an incredible book box. The box literally looked like a novel but inside was the fragrance. The main ingredients are rose, peony, pink pepper and soft floral smells. Now that sounds super sweet, but I think it has a really masculine and sophisticated scent. Anyway I love it. I love the bottle and I love everything about it.


Next up – lipstick for the summer. This ones from Estee Lauder and I believe it’s a travel exclusive from Duty Free. I have to say at first I was too scared to use it, but hey, that colour is too stunning to resist. A perfect texture, a beautiful summer pink lip and super long lasting. I wore it in my vlog in oxford which you can find here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHNMSjuuXTs

So that brings me to the end of my summer beauty product favourites for 2017! Let me know what some of your favourites are over on twitter/ instagram @blaisedyer. Don't forget you can shop the post by clicking on the products above. 

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