April 4, 2017

Seasons Change - Hydration for Sensitive Skin


So as the seasons change our skin goes through a lot! Coming (slowly) out of the cold months our skin can get a little bit of a shock. I find whether entering summer or winter my skin experiences a bit of dryness and I naturally have quite sensitive skin. That’s why I try to take the best care of my skin during these periods of seasonal changes. So today I’ve got a little hydration post – featuring my top products to keep your skin refreshed, hydrated and silky smooth. As I mentioned I have fairly sensitive skin so these products I have tried and tested and use freely without worrying about whether my skin will react.

So Clarins new re-formulated Hydra-Essentiel range is the first in my list. The products focus on hydrating your skin and helping our skin retain water so we look fresh as a daisy throughout the day. The key ingredient in these products is the organic leaf of life extract, that like our skin experiences harsh temperature changes year round, but over in Madagascar.

I also have included the clarins multi- active eye reviver – because its the first place to get dry and sore are my eyes! The eye contour area is 3-5 times finer than the rest of the face so its really not surprising, it also means that its usually the first place to show visible signs of ageing. So by keeping your skin fresh and hydrated around your eyes hopefully we can reduce the ageing processs. The fatigue fighting properties of teasel extract in this product limit the porosity of blood capillaries helping to fight dark circles and puffiness. Win! What I love really is the application. You squeeze some of the cream gel onto your fingers and pat from the inner to the outer corner of your eye and then turn the product over and use the metal tip to lightly smooth the product in.  I cant tell you HOW GOOD this feels – its soooo cooling and hydrating but it also de-puffs the skin and leaves your eyes looking fresh!

So in the hydra-essentiel range includes these four products


The Bi-Phase Serum – which I pop on before moisturizer and its so cooling and not at all harsh like some serums can be. It leaves your skin so soft and plump!

The Silky creams – come with spf 15 or without. For me -  love creamy moisturisers and this is one of the best. I love this for the eye area as it really works to hydrate.

Cooling Gel – This is more of a refreshing touch – less thick than the creamy moisturisers. So a really comfortable and cooling product for radiant skin.

The next products are body products that I use every day (seen on the bath tub top picture)! As I said Sensitive products are best for me and I couldn’t tell you a  better body wash than this soaper duper one! I have the fruity green tuberose body wash and it’s the natural ingredients that make it so great for everyday use. Its made of 93% naturally derived ingredients, aloe vera juice which we all know is hugely hydrating, coconut water with electrolytes infused, passion fruit acids and shea butter suds.

What you WONT find in these glorious bottles are


-sulfates and phthalates

-Mineral oils

-Artificial coours


-plastic microbeads

-Animal derivatives

Okay yes you might not know what all these things are but gurl they feel great on your skin without em and my skin feels super soft and smooth.

I also have the shea body butter from soaper duper which has the same sort of glorious natural ingredients. But the smell – heavenly!

Soaper duper products found here


I hope you guys liked this post! 

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