October 10, 2016

Nail Inspiration


So I have a confession. I am ashamed to say I struggle with being a nail-biter. I go through patches of being great and letting my nails grow, then at university I got Gel nails which totally ruined my real nails and right now I'm dealing with the constant struggle of trying NOT to bite my nails. I have found the only thing that stops me is pretty nails - be that colour or design. So when I found gel nails had ripped layers of my nail off, I was so disappointed and it meant I was going to have to stick to traditional methods and not sticking extensions on. If I want long elegant hands and pretty nails I'm constantly having to paint my nails. So I thought for my benefit and for yours I would throw together some shades and nail designs that I like at the moment.


I've never really been a fan of black nails but more recently I've loved the matte black look or you can do some more simple but really cool designs (such as the middle picture here). Black pretty much goes with anything and is a great one for the winter. I'm yet to try a black nail colour, but maybe A/W 2016 is my time. 


The typical Autumn shade and a great one for your nails. A more interesting take on the classic red nail. I tend to go for red nails when I'm unsure as I think it's such a stand out shade and one that really stops me from nail biting! Maroon is quite a warm colour as it's a nice combination of red and purple colours. I think the dark look gives off a rather mature and sophisticated look on your hands.




Now these ones I picked out for when I want to go a bit more Towie (if that can even be made into a phrase!). I saw Megan McKenna rocking the pink diamond look and although it can be a little OTT (or a lot), sometimes that's just fun. If you don't have to walk into a serious office environment, why not ooze some fun and glitter through your nails.


The opposite to the pink shades, this grey is a really good neutral colour. Perfect for pairing with wooly knitted jumpers and an easy colour to pair with a variety of different outfits. The grey colour I think is very flattering for your hand and to make it more interesting - try a matte grey or a different shaped nail.


Back to the classic. Why do so many people pick red as their default? Red nail varnish is the ultimate statement of glamour; it's bold, it's confident and it's passionate. It marks you as someone daring and dramatic. You don't need to stick to the traditional shiny red. Again play with some nail art designs or try a matte red colour.


So those are my few little bits of inspiration. I'm looking to grow my nails a little longer, then apply shellac to keep them strong and 'un-biteable'. Apparently this doesn't damage your nails as much as Gel or Shellac does. So there - I shared my horrible habit with you and brought you along for some motivational pictures to stop me in my tracks! Do any of you struggle with biting your nails? Have any tips/tricks? What are your favourite colours? Let me know over on twitter or instagram @blaisedyer I love hearing from you all.  Don't forget to hit the follow buttons. And...Happy Monday!





Blaise Ruby 



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