November 12, 2015

My Five Favourite Winter Lipsticks


Since my lipstick collection is growing rapidly as of late, I decided it was high time I organised and in doing so I've selected my five favourites for winter...

Kiko (5 in picture)

I've been really into Kiko recently... I read somewhere that Kiko was made in the same factory as MAC and is basically the same product just different packaging, however, I have subsequently found out this isn't true! (got you excited for a moment hey!) But it did encourage me to buy Kiko and now Im in love. The quality is actually very similar to MAC but more than half the price.  I am drawn to matte colours as I feel shiny lipsticks remind me of circa 2003. Anyway this colour I LOVE; its a bit darker than nude and perfect for the autumn and winter months. 

Mac (4)

This is a great dark brown, I ventured into MAC on a day off to find another good nude colour, but came to my senses and realised I have plenty. This is a slightly bolder look, but I think I'm liking it! Its worth noting I kept all my makeup (other than lips) exactly the same here so you could have a good comparison of the colours, but this colour would look great with darker eyes. If you know MAC, you'll know how well their lipsticks last throughout the day and how easy it is to tone this down by applying a bit less, or apply more for a stronger colour (which is what I've done here). 

Kiko (1)

This is a slightly more wet look than the others and I like this colour for a more fun colourful look. 

Mac (3)

My ultimate favourite lipstick which is why in the picture you will see it's a lot more worn down than the others. An easy daytime colour, but I also wear this most times I go out. Having brown hair and brown eyes I think this is the perfect everyday lip colour.

Estee Lauder (6)

Estee Lauder does some amazing reds. This one has a slight orange tinge to it which I think works best for people with darker skin and hair, brighter reds look great on blondes. However...this is not a rule. I made this up. 

Mac (2)

Finally, I featured this purple MAC colour in one of my previous blog posts and I love this for nights out or to perk up a plain outfit. Again a matte colour which makes it more acceptable during the day if thats when you're wearing it.

Okay so here are the colours I've used today...

1. KIKO - Smart Lipstick (Colour 914 Amaranth) £3.90

2. MAC - Heroine in Matte £15.50

3. MAC - Spirit in Satin £15.50

4. MAC - Deep Love in Matte £15.50

5. KIKO - Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick £6.90

6. Estee Lauder - (similar is) Pure Colour Envy Matte Lipstick in Volatile £25.00

And because some of the packaging (*cough Kiko number 5) is so pretty I thought I'd show you what they all look like too!


Don't forget to hit the follow buttons & let me know what you think and if you have any favourites I should know about (@blaisedyer tweet me or instagram). Hopefully this has been somewhat helpful, I'm always on the lookout for new make up and I actually want to know shades and brands! Im hoping to test out some more cheaper ones like the Kiko lipsticks so watch this space! 







Blaise Ruby 



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