December 15, 2017

The Most Gorgeous Christmas Beauty Collection - Guerlain


The festive party season is well under way and there are endless Christmas beauty collections to get your hands on this season, but I have picked my absolute favourite from Guerlain to tell you guys about. Not only because Guerlain has some of my all time favourite makeup products but also because I cant think of another brand with such thoughtfully luxurious packaging too.

The collection is inspired by the artistic whirlwind of the twenties which is beautifully reflected in the gold art deco vibes of the packaging. I mean have  you ever seen anything more glamorous? This is a limited edition collection filled with bright lights and sparkle. Let me walk you through whats in the collection. 



First up is the GOLD palette and I have to say I’ve never had such a gorgeous palette in my makeup collection, this is one you definitely want to have out on display! It’s a shimmery palette containing six eyeshadows as well as two peachy looking blushes that can actually be used on your eyes, lips or anywhere really. But the look of the embossing in the product… I don’t even want to touch it. However I have had a little play and the colour pay off is great, the sparkle is blinding and its everything you could ever wish for in a festive eye palette.

It really is a really multi functional palette and Guerlain actually suggest using that Gold as a highlighter which is something Im definitely going to be doing! 



The next piece is the Terracotta Gold Light. Im sure you’ll have heard of Guerlain’s Terracota bronzing powders before, they are certainly my favourite bronzers. I almost said ‘one of my favourites’ but Im going to throw it out that they are my favourite. And its not a secret that my everyday MUST have is the sun trio which is part of the terracotta collection but a summer launch. So to have another Terracotta bronzer in my collection is truly a dream. It’s a slightly lighter shade, which lots of glimmer. Meaning its perfect for when we are less bronzed but adds some colour and shimmer to our festive looks. It basically enhances your natural glow and gives that extra shine for the holiday, its more of a highlight than bronzer for me. But again, super versatile you can do what works with your skin tone.  

This limited edition case is really one of a kind. The 'Guerlain' logo is also such a timeless addition to the front of the packaging and this really is a collectors item. 



Guerlain Meteorites are next up and just WOW. Look at that sphere of beauty. 

So encased in what looks like a very opulent antique are the delicate meteorite pearls. They are a basically very soft pearls that bring warmth and radiance to your skin tone. It comes with a little pouf/applicator to apply gently to the high points of your face that you want to highlight, or alternatively you can use it as a powder to set your makeup in place. I use it all over my body as a body shimmer too, so on the collar bones, on the tops of my shoulders and anywhere else I’d like an added bit of sparkle this Christmas 


Now all the pieces in this collection are show stoppers but I can't express to you my excitement when I opened up the 'Rouge G - Luxury Lip Colour' lipstick. The way it works is incredible. A little magnet comes loose as you pull out the lipstick and this enables a mirror to pop up so that you can seamlessly apply lipstick wherever and whenever. The weight to this lipstick as well is so luxurious and nothing like anything else I have. If you had to choose one of these as a gift for someone - I would say this lipstick is so special and definitely worth the purchase. I have the most gorgeous red shade; "Flaming Red" and with all Guerlain lipsticks - the colour pay off is fantastic, and this is a sort of satin finish, so theres a shine to it and its super hydrating. All round a fabulous product and I can't sing its praises enough.



Finally- you can barely see it in this picture but at the front right you will see the last product which is the "Gold Light Topcoat" - you can use this for a sweep of gold over your mascara, as an eyebrow gel or even as light sweeps through your hair. My favourite method is over the top of mascara because its not heavy or over the top, it just adds a light sparkle to your eyes that you see as your eyes catch the light. Im excited to try out all different ways of using this in my festive makeup looks! 


I hope you guys liked this post, I really love to share lots of beauty on my blog and I hope thats Ok with you. Ive been focusing so much recently on my youtube, as Im just loving doing it! However sometimes I just really want to share some photos and some written words and especially when its something I love and feel so passionate about. Guerlain really is one of my favourite brands and this post is not sponsored in any way by Guerlain, however they did kindly gift me the products, so its times like this I feel super grateful and it really does mean the world to me. 

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Blaise Ruby 



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