April 26, 2017

Microblading At The White House Clinic Leamington Spa


Today I’m talking eyebrows. In my 23 years of life I’ve seen eyebrows evolve. From the barely there brows of the 90s to the bushy full eyebrows of recent years. I’m sure you’ve all had an eyebrow makeover at some point in your life. I’m thankful I was born with bushy, yet tame eyebrows – which earlier in my life I hated but as my face has matured I feel I’ve grown into them. This doesn’t mean I don’t still check out different brow styles and appreciate a gorgeous arch or a nice bit of symmetry. But it’s safe to say I’m happy with my eyebrows. My mother on the other hand, had complained she had thin blonde eyebrows, they became so thin and barely-there that she became self conscious. So that’s when I looked into microblading.

It doesn’t matter if you like your brows arched, straight, bold, thick or thin, they are such an important facial feature and if you’re not satisfied with them they can leave you feeling less than perfect. 

When I heard about microblading I thought it was definitely NOT for my mum, tattooing on my mum!? Definitely NOT. However as I looked into microblading at The White House Clinic’s website and facebook page I was amazed to say the least. The strokes created what looked exactly like real hairs! Honestly go check the before and after shots if you don’t believe me. 

So if you read my mothers day blog post (which you can find HERE) you will see this was the perfect alternative sort of gift for mother’s day. We popped in the car last week and headed to Leamington Spa and The White House Clinic. Zara is the name of the (totally lovely and gorgeous) woman doing the treatment and she led us to where she does the treatments. It is not AT ALL scary – which at first microBLADING sounds. Serious is how it sounds. But the whole experience was actually so relaxing, calming and in the most gorgeous white room, which I was glad about; I didn’t want to scare my mum off! 

So what does microblading involve?

Step 1

So basically you sit yourself down on her lovely chair, recline, relax and let Zara work her magic. So a microblading pen is used to draw individual strokes one by one. It’s a very meticulous process and Zara apologised for being such a perfectionist – but hey, if you need a perfectionist for anything its drawing tiny little hairs as eyebrows, right? First of all you discuss shape, shade and what you’re looking to achieve – full brows, cover gaps or define the brows. Next pencil drawn brows are popped on as an outline for where the hairs will be drawn and any adjustments are made. 

Step 2

If you’re worried the procedure will be painful – fear not – a numbing cream is applied to the area and if you worried the ‘tattoo needle’ is about to wacked out whirring away at your forehead. Think again. The pen used is completely silent and not electric. It is merely scratched on the surface of the skin with the ink on each of the needles within the pen. The ink goes shallow into the skin rather than like in tattooing on your body which is deeper. 


Step 3

Working from the inside of the brow outwards she began drawing the little brow details in. There is slight (the tiniest) bit of bleeding but its wiped away by whoever is doing your microblading, so you wont actually even see it or notice it (because you’re numbed). 

Step 4

Check out your brows and be wowed. What’s great is you can instantly see the results. Zara reassured us of the process post procedure as there’s a lot of changes that go on. Your brows go darker, then they may go a lot lighter about a week later and so on. But this is normal and you have a follow up procedure to do the next steps (basically repeat the procedure) and make any amendments to shape, colour or adding more hairs.


We were told the most important bit is after care – so if you’re going to get your eye brows microbladed you need to make sure to follow the steps to get the most out of your brows. Using the creams and steps you are told to follow. 

I also featured the process on my latest vlog: CLICK HERE


At The White House Clinic Leamington Spa the cost is £320 for both sessions. So its not cheap but its actually mid range for the places I’ve checked out. You can expect to pay £500 in lots of places. You do need both of the sessions in order to complete the procedure and you wait a couple of weeks in between.

How long does it take?

It takes around 1 hour and a half. 


Would I recommend this?

A million percent yes. YES. The results are amazing, its so so clever and you don’t have to have no brows at all to start with. Since looking into it more and more lots of people with naturally bushy brows just wanted them to be shaped or filled out in areas they were lacking. My mums so happy with the results and we both left The White House Clinic singing Zara’s praises, not only did she do a fab job, she is so so lovely and the procedure was actually also just an enjoyable morning. 


The White House Clinic Leamington Spa: 


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