February 23, 2017

Louboutin Lips - Loubilaque Review


There’s nothing more iconic than a red-soled stiletto. The classic Louboutin heel. Worn by the lucky, loved by plenty and recognised by pretty much everyone. The luxurious French designer, Christian Louboutin, didn’t just stop there and has now moved on to nail polish, lipsticks and then lip lacquers. Having lusted over the Loubilaque lip lacquers for a while after watching endless youtube video reviews and just generally loving the overall luxe look of them, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one as a very lovely christmas present.

 “Loubilaque is for the bold woman who wants to bring attention to her lips," the designer said in a statement. "When she wears Loubilaque, she feels its power through others' reaction to her.”


So lets get down to my verdict...


So without judging a book by its cover, with beauty products I think the packaging is so important. The Loubilaque comes in an intricately carved see-through bottle/vial so you can see the stunning bright colours. I have the very signature Louboutin red, which is what makes this lip lacquer a sort of collectors piece. The piece comes encased in what could almost be a jewellery box, black with red detailing and inside the bottle is held inside a hand stitched silk carrying pouch. The lip lacquer comes with a ribbon attached so the vial could be worn as a necklace around your neck. Im not sure I’d do that as it doesn’t feel sturdy enough, but its certainly a cute idea! I've left a link to the product at the bottom of this post but if you just can't wait - CHECK IT OUT HERE


Whats in them?

Made with advanced pigment technology the loubilaquers create a sort of patent-leather shine and more about the ingredients…

Oligopeptides: Help stimulate collagen production.

Shea Butter: Moisturizes and helps keep lips feeling soft.

Tocopheryl Acetate: Provides antioxidant properties.

Ethylhexyl Palmitate: Acts as lubricant on lips surface and gives them a soft and smooth appearance.



I often find sticky lip glosses hard to apply, and especially difficult to keep the lines clean and precise when using bright colours. So I was really impressed with the application. There’s a perfect little teardrop shaped applicator, which means you can get right to the edges of your lips without smudging. Although a fairly thick consistency, the lacquer is so easily to swipe on.



I found the duration pretty good, lasting for around 4 ish hours, however because this is a lip gloss and not a liquid lipstick it does stay bright, shiny and freshly finished but can transfer to glasses and does tend to need reapplying after meals. So as a gloss – great longevity, but compared to a lipstick – inevitably less. 


The loubilaque’s come in 8 different colours, from nude to bright red and all inspired by patent leather shoes. I love how highly pigmented they are and the way they reflect light so your lips are like the shiniest of shiny shoes. I am so happy with my bright red, but the next shade I’d like to try is one of the nude colours. If unsure what the colours will come out like, the vials are fairly easy to see through and the colours are very true to life.



This is what really surprised me. I thought because of the high shine and the pigmentation of the lip colour that I would be left with stained lips for a rather long time. However I took my lipstick off to eat (I was at pizza express and felt I needed good mouth dexterity) and went to the bathroom for a scrub. With a few swipes all evidence of the lip lacquer was fully removed. My lips were not stained, not dried out and felt, if anything, more moisturized. 

Overall Verdict

Im a big fan of the Loubilaque products. The packaging is super opulent and what’s inside definitely didn’t disappoint. The only problem is the fairly hefty price tag that means this isn’t going to become one of your everyday makeup pieces or one you’re likely to take with you on a night out. I was lucky enough to be given mine as a very generous Christmas present, but they retail at £60 which is fairly pricey for a lip product. But that’s probably what you’d expect from one of the most renowned fashion designers, Christian Louboutin, so that is reflected in the price tag. If you are a makeup collector or happy to splurge on luxury items to add to not only your makeup love but also as a one of piece to beautify your dressing table then this is something definitely worth considering. 


I have linked my product below - So simply click on the image to find these gorg Loubilauqe product!

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Blaise Ruby 



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