October 26, 2017

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick & Concealer Review


Lancome to me is a brand I know and love and there are so many products that I buy again and again, year in, year out. My mother was the first person to introduce me to Lancome in the form of the hypnose mascara, the teint idole 24hr foundation and every year for Christmas my sister and I get the mini gift set with a mascara, kohl pencil and eye makeup remover! So as you can see Im a Lancome girl through and through. I chop and change foundations and brands I love but without a doubt my makeup collection will ALWAYS include the lancome teint idole 24hr, its my go-to safe base (literally)! So when this package arrived in the post full of Lancome foundation goodies I was so excited, but when I saw the stick foundations I was definitely dubious. So let me tell you more about the new products and what I think.

The Teint Idole Ultra wear range now includes the ultra wear stick foundation and the camouflage concealer.

So lets start with the stick foundation. I had some sort of aversion to stick foundations because I’ve tried one from another brand (yes I know…extensive research Blaise) and I hated it, it was hard to use – creating streaks rather than blending into my skin like a liquid foundation and it left me feeling caked with makeup! I began watching youtube makeup tutorials where so many makeup gurus cant stop singing the praises of stick foundations, but even so I felt they looked like their makeup was perfect but with a swipe of a finger it would be right off their face again. So until these turned up in the post I hadn’t tried them again. 

I would not write about something I didn’t like…. And I have to tell you I was so shocked at how much I loved these stick foundations. Its like as soon as they hit your skin they warm up and apply in one slick motion, I just did a few swipes and used a foundation brush to blend. Seamless. I couldn’t tell that I’d used a stick foundation, except for the fact that they are more of a matte finish to the skin (but not at all drying), whereas the majority of my foundations tend to be more dewy finishes. However, having said that I do love a matte foundation for the Autumn winter! There are 20 different shades to these foundations, and although they’re not made for contouring as such… I found that they are a fab for this too. By getting a darker shade you can simply mark out the areas you want to contour and blend with a brush or beauty blender for a really natural contour. Because you’re using the same foundation formula they work amazingly together and its great for really natural look. Another thing I would recommend with these foundation sticks is that if you’re worried (like I was) that they will be a bit too chunky to reach all the areas you want, use a foundation brush to blend or if you want more coverage, grab yourself a smaller brush and you can swipe the foundation stick first before applying with the brush. 

Shop the Foundation Stick - HERE 

Positives of these foundation sticks?

The ability to contour with them,

The matte satin finish to the skin is GORGEOUS and would work well for those with oily skin but also those with drier skin,

Super easy to top up your makeup when you’re out and about

The ease of application in general

Oh and that gorgeous luxe, typically Lancome packaging. Stunning. 

Next up…The new Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer. Now a concealer is something I haven’t tried from Lancome before, so I was very excited to try! Unfortunately the concealer I was sent was super duper dark, even darker than my foundation so definitely not something I was going to be using the lighten my under eyes haha. However I did play around with it to test out the formulation and see what coverage it had…even if I did look like a panda! So this is a heavy coverage concealer for sure, and a little bit goes a long way which is my favourite kinda concealer. I think this would actually be more suited to covering blemishes (so you’d want a similar colour to match your foundation) as its quite thick for the under eye. However, I cant vouch for this and I would LOVE to try a really light one for under my eyes and for contouring. 

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Finally the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation, now this is one I know and love and I believe it’s the same formula as the original but they’ve had a slight re-jig of the packaging. The top used to be see through but now its this fab black colour which matches the rest of the collection and gives it that more expensive feel. I love the foundation because it really does last alllll day, its not thick or cakey but and has a medium coverage, but is totally buildable if you wanted a more full coverage. It smells amazing, not overly scented but so often I find foundations these days can smell like paint!?! So alongside the difference in packaging, Lancome also created a whole host of new shades in this foundation which is incredible. It’s such a great foundation – my first ever foundation and the one I will always have in stock at home, so its amazing that everyone will be able to try it out now! There are now 40 shades to this foundation. 

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(shop the post and my other favourite Lancome products at the bottom of this post)

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