October 26, 2016

A halloween facial: Dr Wu Deep Hydrating Mask Review


It’s that time of the year again, the time we trawl the internet for fresh and exciting Halloween costumes and watch 15 minute long ‘easy’-to-follow YouTube videos on the perfect skull/zombie bride/facial wound face paint. I’ll admit this is one of the things I love to do. Last year I went as a half faced skull devil (?) I mean I couldn’t commit and face paint was so essential. But who really considers the effect this has on our skin? The next day after a night with face paint you’re almost guaranteed to wake up with a dry, sore and puffy looking face.

So this year I’m going to combat this! I’m equipped with a variety of Dr Wu products. I’m testing them out in the run up to Halloween so my skin is as fresh, soft and hydrated before hand and I’ll definitely be chilling out over the weekend, after my Halloween party with one of their face masks.

The reason I want to tell you guys about this is that Dr Wu is Taiwan’s number 1 skincare brand and has juuuust launched in the UK so it’s a chance to tell you about a really new and fresh product I’m loving (and I mean the whole of Taiwan can’t lie!)

So I picked up a three different types of masks; the first (Mask A) to target dehydrated and aged skin, the second (Mask B) targets dehydrated and sensitive skin and third (extreme hydrate) which is a more specialist one to target dehydrated and sensitive skin. Inevitably these are all going to be great for skin that’s been subjected to a lot of face paint, makeup or generally taken a little bit of a beating.  So I thought I’d try one out for you all and let you know my verdict. I chose the Mask B as I’m more interested in sensitive then combating aged skin and post Halloween I think I’ll go for the extreme hydrate to really rejuvenate the skin. 

Mask B:

What is it:

Looks a little like this! (see below). I mean yes, you may say that it’s rather in keeping with a killer in a horror movie and it’s the first time I’ve tried a mask like this. I’ve heard of the sort of second-skin mask rather than a creamy type, so I was definitely intrigued.

A soothing moisture capsule mask with a whole lot of the good stuff like vitamin B3 and B5.

How to use it: 

I loved the application because it’s not messy like traditional face masks from a tube so I could definitely see that being a positive factor in me using the masks again.

I simply cleansed my face as I would normally, popped on the mask by removing the plastic layer on top and placing the middle active layer on my face, and once positioned removing the blue layer.

Next: chill out for 10 – 15 minutes and remove.


When the 15 minutes was up, I peeled off the mask and sort of massaged any left over product into my face and instantly your face feels brighter, plumper and softer. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as I was sceptical that perhaps the sheet would sit on your face and you’d barely feel any of the products, but it’s a lot more moisturising than you can imagine without trying.

The best bit is the lack of mess, simply through the mask away after wards and you’re good to go.

I will definitely be using the other mask after my Halloween night out to repair and rejuvenate my skin! Not just limited to Halloween though, I think before a big event or as the winter months draw on it’s a great solution for dry and dull skin. 


Both Mask A & Mask B are super affordable at £9.50 and the extreme hydrate is a little more expensive at £32 for a pack of 3 (but I’ve heard such great things so to transform your skin it is worth it). The other product you will have seen in my pictures is the Intensive renewal serum which I picked up because it’s another hugely popular product from Dr Wu and it’s basically like an at home spa facial treatment to improve skin elasticity and firmness. 

Check their website here:


I hope you liked this post, don't forget to find me on twitter and instagram @blaisedyer and let me know what you're doing for halloween this year! 



This post was sponsored by Dr Wu but as always all opinions and enthusiasm are my own!




Blaise Ruby 



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