April 13, 2016

A Facial With Ananne


So last week I was invited for a facial at Fenwicks on Bond Street London, from the swiss skincare company Ananne. They are new to Fenwicks and I was so excited to try out their products. I have such sensitive skin and have stuck to the same brand ever since I can remember, so I have to admit I was nervous. However, the girls at Ananne gave me more information on Ananne and about the plant-based ingredients that are very gentle on your skin. I had also never had a facial before due to the fact Im nervous that I'll end up looking worse than when I went in...with a hugely red and allergic face. (below - my goodies to take home, the cleanser is my ultimate favourite)

Ananne products are a mix of nature and the brilliance of science. Which i thinks makes them pretty cool. Professor Urs Pohlman is the neuroscientist that developed Ananne and says: 

”ananné was born from my knowledge and experience as a doctor and my desire as a scientist to use the purest natural ingredients to create a range of perfectly balanced, sensory products to rejuvenate and nourish the skin." 

In line with the nature vibe of Ananne, my floral outfit:

Blouse - Zara

Leather Dress - Zara

As I said Id never had a facial before so this is the first thing I have to say...this was probably THE most relaxing thing ever and I would definitely do it again! I was given a little hand massage as well as a head massage whilst letting some of the products work their magic. 


I was lucky enough to have quite a few products used on me but ill just run you through a few of my favourites. We started off using their Lavanticum Purifying Cleanser to remove any makeup I had on. This product smells incredible, it contains ingredients like rosehip and sea buckthorn oil (all au naturale) and these help stimulate cell metabolism so your skin is silky smooth and replenished. Another cool thing, the woman that did my facial told me that you can leave this on for 10 minutes or so and use it as a mask. Or leave on in a light layer over any blemishes. 

Then the Exfoliant Gentle Scrub was applied, which I felt my skin totally needed because this particular week I was having a bad skin day which is unusual for me so I was more eager than ever to try something new. The bamboo crystals in this works as a gentle exfoliant and again smells insane. Which for me is great because I use products that are so soft on my skin but rarely smell good.

Next was the Oculissiumum Eye Balm and Im a huge fan of anything that nourishes your eyes. I get dry skin around my eyes and have taken the advice of my mother to apply vaseline and really look after the skin in this delicate area. This was so soothing and apparently contains high quality algae extract! Hey. If it means Im not getting crows feet round my eyes. Im in.  


So that was a brief run through of their products. You can click on the links to find more and Ill leave a link to their website. But if you fancy their products, I highly recommend you go and get a facial with them too. I loved it and felt revitalised and also so clued up on what I want on my skin and for what reason. 

I was also extremely lucky that it was a gorgeous day outside in London and managed to have a saunter round the shops, flaunting my makeup free fresh skin. All round... a good day. 

I hope you enjoyed this, come over to twitter on instagram @blaisedyer and let me know your thoughts. I love sharing my new finds with you, and let me know if you find an Ananne skincare product you like too! 




Ananne Skin Care - http://www.ananne.co.uk




Blaise Ruby 



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