April 30, 2016

Everyday Skincare Routine


What I take my makeup off with and how I treat my skin afterwards I have always been into. Im so keen to keep my skin as clean, soft and healthy as I can. I did a post recently about my facial with Ananne skincare, and got lots of messages asking exactly what I did with my skin at night. So i thought I'd show you all of my products I use every day and night and can't live without.

Here are my every day products... I have, however, included two cleansers and two moisturisers. I use both interchangeably so thought id show you both! 

1. Cleansers


Ren - Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk - £16

This is an inexpensive but incredible cleanser and an essential for anyone with dry or sensitive skin that reacts badly with anything with chemicals and scents. I love Ren and always have. Ive been using this cleanser for the past 3 or 4 years and cannot live without, its also becoming more widely available which is amazing. They do this in a sort of gel but the cleansing milk is so much more soothing and I find it removes my makeup perfectly. Its super soft on my eyes, smells delish and doesn't dry my skin out at all. I use this both in the morning and evening. So I highly recommend this. I use this both to remove makeup and clean my skin! 


Ananne - Lavanticum Purifying Cleanser - £45

Totally new for me to try anything different. This one is a little more expensive and its a bitter sweet feeling that I love this product because I know Im just going to buy it again when I run out. Like the Ren product its so soft and silky and amazing for sensitive skin. The only benefit the Ren cleanser has over this, is that I find it takes my make up off slightly more easily. But alongside the au naturale ingredients and the heavenly feel, it also can be left on and used as a mask or just over any particular blemishes and I have really noticed the benefits. 

2. Eye make up remover


Lancome - Bi Facil Cleanser - £21.50

Ive always been given this for christmas in the mini form, when it comes in the set with mascara and a little eye liner pencil from lancome because thats my all time fave mascara. Honestly this is the best mascara remover out there and it lasts and lasts because you really don't need much. I like lancome products because I know they aren't too harsh on your eyes. So I don't have to worry if I get a bit in my eye or scrub too much because my eyes are never sore after.

3. Serums


Ananne - Nectar Cutis Serum - £115

I never used serums really til I got this from the lovely girls at Ananne, Ive been trying it over the last few weeks and incorporated it into my skincare regime. Not every day because its quite oily and my skin doesn't need that everyday, I tend to only use it at night. Its supposed to tauten and revitalise your skin, which i totally feel the difference the next morning. My skin feels nice and soft and transforms any dry areas. 


4. Moisturisers

Aveno - Moisturising Cream - £6.99

So I went to the doctors because I had such dry skin around my mouth and they gave me a prescription, when I opened up my bag from the pharmacy and saw this I was like wtfffff I wanted something that will actually work and do something, not some product thats in every shop anywhere and costs £7. BUT, this tends to be used for babies and is so so soothing and I am obsessed. I use this morning and evening and have seen a complete change. At this price, I think why use anything else. Doesn't smell of anything particularly and not offensive in any way shape or form so how can we go wrong hey.


Ren - V Cleanse Revitalising Night Cream - £32

Before the Aveno revelation, I used this night cream and I still do on occasional nights if I feel like something a bit more creamy and luxurious. Its also supposed to stop ageing and wrinkles, so on the occasional night that I suddenly remember Im going to age soon, I pop this on and pretend to feel the benefits. I do have to say it is hugely moisturising and my skin feels nice and taught. 

5. Body Moisturiser


Kokosa Baby - Baby premium coconut oil - £5.49 

I was given this heavenly pot of goodness when I was an intern somewhere and I have become obsessed. Its the highest quality raw virgin coconut oil, perfect for a little baby. Slash Blaise. I am forever stealing baby products because if its good enough for them, its good enough for me. Apparently the pot has the goodness of about 3 organic coconuts inside and can be used as hair masks, moisturisers, lip balms and i loooove it. 


So that concludes my favourite skincare products that I can't live without. I have to say these are the only things I used so I feel very exposed right now. If you have any suggestions for things I might like or if you want to know anything about the products contact me on twitter or instagram @blaisedyer and don't forget to hit the follow buttons. I love hearing your feedback. 







Blaise Ruby 



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