October 2, 2016

Autumn/Fall Makeup


So as the evenings start getting shorter and the weather a little colder, it's time to start embracing autumn and the different products and shades associated with this time of the year. I love golden, darker eyes paired with berry or dark lips. I was experimenting with a nice Autumnal look and thought I'd let you know all the products I used to create this look.

There are a few products I use season in, season out. This includes my foundation by Lancome. I just love this foundation, it's not super heavy but lasts all day and having sensitive skin, I can relax as I find this product so great for my skin type. 

1. Foundation - Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24Hr (shade 03) 

& then Concealer (not pictured) - Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (shade light)

3. Contour - Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit (shade medium/dark)

4. Bronzer - Clarins Aquatic treasures summer bronzing (a summer special but they do a lovely bronzing duo still)


So first I applied foundation all over with my beauty blender. I've only just started using a beauty blender as I thought they were over rated but the application is a LOT more even and it's so much smoother, you don't get any marks or lines you might get when using just your fingers or an ordinary foundation brush. I then apply concealer under my eye to brighten. I've been using the maybelline eraser eye concealer which i LOVE. It feels so light, but is pigmented enough that you get a good brightening to your under eye area. Next I go in and use the light colour of the Barry M contour palette and basically just go over where I've put concealer and a little on the top of my nose. This is a really inexpensive contour palette and definitely one for those not wanting to go overboard with their contouring, especially as it's a powder kit. I got sent this amazing Clarins bronzer this summer and I'm OBSESSED. Im so sorry because it's a summer only edition, but having never tried Clarins bronzers before, just seeing how great this one was means I'm almost certainly going to try their normal bronzer duo. 

4. Blush - Revlon Powder Blush (shade haute pink)

Not show but: Eyelid Primer - Benefit Lemon Aid Concealer

5. Eye Shadows - Mix of 2 Laura Mercier Palettes

6. Mascara - Lancome Hypnose Drama

7. Lipstick - Bobbi Brown Art Stick (shade New Rich Nude)

Next I move onto a blush, I was using bobbi brown powder blush's for years and recently just picked up this revlon blush from boots and have to say it's pretty much exactly the same and about a 6th of the price. I use this every day now, even though I still have a bobbi brown blush, I just LOVE this cute pink colour. To keep my eye shadow in place I use Benefit Lemon Aid eyelid primer and this is one of the best eye primers I've found. For a golden glowy, bronzed look I used a combination of two Laura Mercier palettes. I couldn't find the exact palette online so I've popped a similar one down below. The great thing about Laura Mercier eye shadows is the strong pigmentation. I mean who doesn't want their eyeshadow to pop and stand out?! I applied a generous amount of my all time fave Lancome hypnose drama mascara. For my lips I have been enjoying these Bobbi Brown Art sticks. They've got an amazing selection of browns and nudes. The fact it comes in the amazing pencil style makes it so easy to apply and you don't need a lip liner either. An added bonus!

This look is not a heavy one and would work well for a daytime look. If you wanted to make it more dramatic for a night time look you could add a cat eye style flick of liquid eyeliner.

For products used see below:

If you liked this look. Click on the images below to find the products I think you're going to want. I haven't listed all the products, as these are just the key ones you'll need to create an Autumnal look. 

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Blaise Ruby 



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